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Kristin_Z 05-30-2008 01:17 AM

Sick Danios?
I have a 27g tank with a whisper filter/ temp is 28C/ gravel. pH~7. Did water change (less than 25% and agitated substrate yesterday and put in 2 new plants (onion plants). Also installed a DIY CO2 pump for plant growth. All done yesterday at 7pm. Now 2 of my 3 danios are not swimming very well; one keeps on getting sucked onto the filter. He is listless and just lets the current carry him along. When I bought the CO2 pump the guy told me that if my fish are at the surface gasping to turn up the current. I did, and have taken a little water out so to break the surface tension (so the water falls further). I have 2 gouramis and 6 rasboras, they are all fine still, as a matter of fact, they are great. Is it the CO2? I know that the rasboras stay close to the top of the tank usually and that gouramis are used to living in low O2 conditions. The other thing is that I started with 6 danios and they died off, however, I thought that it was because my 2 pea puffers ate them. The remaining danios have missing tails. I got rid of my puffers 4 days ago. So badly bred fish or poor conditions? Likely that they were eaten or died on their own? I also started with 4 ottos and am down to 1. I thought that my rasboras were the more finicky fish in my tank so I don't understand. Thanks for helping!

Flashygrrl 05-30-2008 05:22 PM

You've got too much CO2 going into the tank. Turn it down if you can and if you have an air pump and airstone you should get it in there for the time being. Some members run on a CO2 during the day and O2 at night schedule (since plants stop making O2 at night then that's when the excess CO2 makes everything go haywire).

okiemavis 05-30-2008 07:10 PM

Do you have a good liquid kh test? You're going to want one if you're doing co2 injection in your tank. If you know your ph and kh you'll be able to fairly accurately calculate your co2 levels (this is generally more accurate than the commercial co2 liquid tests). Here's a link to a site that will explain how this works and calculate your co2 levels for you:

Have you tested your ph today? CO2 can cause your pH to drop drastically, which is why it's recommended not to stop once you start. If your pH hasn't changed much, I'd recommend stopping the co2 injection until you figure out what's going on.

Could you tell us your current ph, kh, gh, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, temperature and co2 levels?

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