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ThatGuyMike 05-27-2008 09:38 PM

are rotifers healthy? for fresh water
i wasnt sure asto where to post this , but here it goes.

i was under the impression that rotifers are ok for tanks fich will eat them if they are big enuff to see and catch them. but my items tend to swim around with thier fins to thier sides, or they twitch while swimming or rub themselves on things,

i was told that this is done because they have parasites

othe rthan ick, what kinds of things might they be dwelling with. its not so much as the particular fish i keep, because this isnt in all my tanks, just certin ones.

i have some rotifers in some jars that i was able to capture during a water change. theres the dephrina i htink thats spelled right, the water flee. and there was some other things in there, one of which was song kind of warm.. i thought it was a peice of dust or hair, but it was wiggling (swimming)

what am i dealing with?
and should i be concerned.

these are fresh water fish.

herefishy 05-28-2008 02:21 AM

Water parameters can also cause "flashing", the rubbing against objects as if to remove an unwanted "hitchhiker". Something as mundane as improper water pH can make fish exhibit this behavior. More often though it could be high ammonia or some other malady in the condition of the water. Most rotifers are not parasites.

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