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heyhi 05-27-2008 12:28 PM

help me find a fish
i have 3 silver hatchet 2 black kuhli loaches 6 neon tetras 3 ghost shrimp and 1 small african dwarf frog in a 55 gal tank.

im looking for a very active fish that stays in schools and also looks cool.. any 1 have any ideas? im thinking ballon mollys they look cool i dont know how active they are..also any oddball fish ideas would be cool. so far the fish i have are to me at least not the usuall fish i wanna keep this theme going.. i also saw bamboo shrimp what do u guys think of that. also they say to keep these loaches 3 or more or they wont be as active. if i get 2 more golden kuhli loaches will that count as 3 or more or do they have to be exactly the same kind of loach

tophat665 05-27-2008 01:49 PM

Before you get anything else, you should get 3 to 6 more hatchets and 4 more kuhlis. The hatchets will live much longer if you have a school of 6 or more, and since they can be tricky, you will want to have enough so that a couple of losses won't drop the school below 6. Kuhlis tend to be much bolder and more visible in schools of 6 or more, but it's not actually a health issue like it can be with hatchets. You should stick with black kuhlis unless you get a school of 6 black and one of 6 gold. In that case they'll probably mix from time to time.

If it were me, I'd probably double the size of my neon school as well. 6 is a minimum.

ADFs may (may not too) be able to eat small neons, so bear that in mind.

A centerpiece fish is kind of tricky here. With somewhat skittish fish top, center and bottom, you'll need to find something that's not going to harass or eat them.

I might go with a pearl gourami (or two if you're heavily planted). I'd stay away from mollies. The rest of the fish in your tank are softwater - no salt at all, and mollies do best in hard water with a little salt.

Actually, if you went with 8 Hatchets, 6 black kuhlis, 15 neons, and 6 bleeding heart, pristella, or lemon tetras, that'd make a really nice tank.

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