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Twitch 05-26-2008 05:38 AM

Cleanup Crew Question
Once I get the levels in my tank stabilized I'm guessing the first thing to do is get more live rock. Will this send my tank into a mini cycle, making it unsafe to start adding inverts, or will it be ok? I only need to add another 8-10lbs of rock, but I probably won't be adding it all at once.

But on the subject of inverts, I will need to get a cleanup crew eventually. My tank is 20g and I plan on having a reef tank. What would be some good inverts to have as a cleanup crew. I have one snail and a few hermits in there already. (I used to have near 20 hermits, but they fought over shells and killed each other, even though I gave them shells of varying size. They had no interest in them.)

Age of Aquariums 05-26-2008 08:21 AM

It will probably cause a mini-cycle. You are supposed to add all live rock when you fill then tank. As for a clean up crew, what kind are you looking to build? (algae, detritus, etc)

Twitch 05-26-2008 08:51 AM

My startup for the tank has been slow due to limited funds. I could not go out and buy all $220+ worth of rock all at once. I only have 8-10lbs to go. I was told by the LFS as well as members of this site that I could add them over time as long as I would be mindful of the possibility of mini-cycles.

As far as a cleanup crew, I've had problems with algae in the past (it took over the tank, especially the walls) so something that could help with that would be great, and I also want something that will clean the sand (missed food, detritus, ect) My substrate is around 1-2 inches deep.

Age of Aquariums 05-26-2008 09:59 AM

Ok, here's what I found:

5-10 Nassarius Snails
5-10 Astraea Snails
5-10 Cerith Snails
10-20 Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crabs
6-12 Scarlet Reef Hermit Crabs
1-3 Peppermint Shrimps
1-2 Emerald Mythrax Crabs

Twitch 05-26-2008 10:58 AM

Are any of those not ok to put in with corals and such? Are those pretty compatible with anything in a reef system?

Age of Aquariums 05-26-2008 11:10 AM

I'm not 100% sure, that's just what I ordered on LiveAquaria for my reef tank.

Twitch 05-26-2008 01:58 PM

Well I got 6lbs of live rock today and added them into the tank. Only 4lbs to go (1 rock). So that will give me a small cycle which I will keep track of. Hopefully next week or so I can add the remaining rock and be done with my cycling by the end of June. Then its on to the cleaning crew!

Age of Aquariums 05-26-2008 03:37 PM

Ok. Hope everything works out :)

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