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TheSeaWitch 05-23-2008 04:38 AM

I have just joined this forum as whilst browsing the web researching the Red Sea company I came across a posting from this site appaulding Red Sea and their customer service and felt I had to add a different voice in regards to this company, their product and their performance.

Unfortunately I would suggest this is a one off customer service success story as I have been dealing with this company for 1 month now after my Red Sea Max tank failed twice in 5 months resulting in the total loss of two lots of breeding stock of seahorses, which I raise for conservation and to teach preschoolers and elementary students about the reef, captive breeding and aquaculturing.

So far the company has done very little to resolve the issue. They did offer to replace all the electricals but as I could not guarantee to not have another failure and they were unable to give me any direction as to what was wrong with the tank exactly, I could not in all honesty put myself through another loss of stock hence, I declined this offer. They spoke for a short period of time about reimbursing me for the stock (approx $1,000) but that seems to have fallen by the wayside and after speaking with someone in the comany to have them take the tank away at their cost, I have just been hit with a bill for $773.00 from FedEx for shipping the tank back to Red Sea. So I now find myself in the enviable position of having spent $900+ on the tank and stand, $1000+ on stock and $773 on shipping it back to them and now I have no tank, no stock and my ownership of the tank being less than 12 months.

Hence, DO NOT BUY RED SEA. The tanks are unreliable, the company's customer service and QA is totally non existent and it would appear that whilst they talk a good game on the phone they really DO NOT stand by their product as suggested.

Today Red Sea will receive another scathing note from myself asking for an explanation as to this latest debarcle in what is becoming an increasingly aggrivating situation.

Cody 05-23-2008 04:58 PM

Wow, good to know. I have seen many people who love their RSM's, and I was planning on getting one in December. I know that a full-on report like this is way more helpful thn seeing people's tanks.

Guess it's the Solana now. :roll:

herefishy 05-24-2008 03:21 AM

I must be lucky to have lfs's fight those battles for me. Shame you don't.

I'm not a big fan of Red Sea myself. Perfecto and All-Glass have always been my tankes of choice. I do have a couple of Acrylic tanks, but, being a traditionalist at heart, I like the glass tanks.

iamntbatman 05-24-2008 03:24 PM

Plus, you can't scrape algae off the walls of an acrylic tank with a razorblade.

ntelligent 05-26-2008 11:48 PM

If you read the manual you will see that RSM does not recommend Sea Horses hippocampus as compatible because of the harsh circulation. A little bit of preparation would have avoided you these problems.

TheSeaWitch 05-27-2008 10:37 AM

In response to the posting regarding seahorses in a RSM, my seahorses did not die because they were hitting the walls or rocks due to strong currents. They also were not suffering from air in their pouches due to the high water flow. They died because the equipment whilst switched on was not functioning and I mean not only pumps but lights as well. This was an electrical fault not bad tank maintenance. My seahorses loved the tank and were thriving but interestingly enough the clean up crew within the tank also died with the seahorses and I'm pretty sure the manual does not say to put no fish or clean up crews in the tank as "it is not recommened"..

onefish2fish 01-12-2009 04:21 AM

i know this is old but i thought i would dig this up. i honestly find it hard to believe that your horses and snails died due to a pump and light failure. i can understand the horses going as they are extremely delecate and fragile but not the snails dying due to the causes you have mentioned.

casadrinka 09-12-2009 12:33 PM

WARNING!!! - Do Not Pay too much attention to the above WARNING.
Just had to reply to this post since it keeps popping on google when I do a "cross/tell" research for red sea max's.

I've owned 4 different Red Sea Max 34's and I've had one problem in about 3 years with these 4 systems. I'm so happy with red sea I'm even going to be purchasing a Red Sea Max 250 for myself this Christmas. I've owned the original max, 2 of the revision after that, and the 130d. The original max had its share of "issues" none really being manufacturing defects but mostly design flaws. These were corrected in future models. Just like any other products, design issues need to be addressed for a product line to survive. Red Sea has been true to this business practice. Needless to say my pump issue was resolved by red sea directly within 10 days.

I believe this poster suffered an isolated incident. Being an author, breeder, installer and avid fan of the hobby I can promise you that the quality of Red Sea's products are above average for this industry. I have experience with almost every brand of all-in-one tanks from every manufacturer and extensive experience with standard tanks as well. I can attest that getting customer service is no more difficult with Red Sea than it has been with other companies. JBJ for example has been horrendous for me at times in the past. Other times they have been great.

The author of this post said there was an elecrical failure with the pumps and lights and their stock of seahorses died. For both systems to fail is a rarity. Check various forums and you will probably not find too many other cases if any. It could have been a bad relay outlet where the products all plug in. It could have been just a statistical fluke.

None the less, a lack of light will not kill sea horses. A lack of a day/night rythym will stress them and may cause them to become "ill" but this will not happen overnight. A lack of circulation will affect the water quality by degrading the water filtration cycle and oxygen gas exchange. This will poison tank inhabitants at different rates depending on stocking levels, the quality of life rock/biological material available, sensitivity of livestock etc. Again, this will also take some time. Some life will survive regardless. I've had inverts and fish survive in tanks with no heat, light and no circulation for weeks on end. Sea horses very sensitive to poor water conditions and may perish at a faster rate than most livestock.

Bottom line. Pumps fail. Lights fail. A conscienscious aquarist will have spare pumps and possibly even a battery backup. If space and money permits even a backup tank. I've had power outtages for a few days concurrently and had stocks of seahorses and corals survive. Why? Because I did not rely on one piece of technology to safeguard my collection. Especially not an all-in-one system. An all in one system in my opinion has no business being a breeder tank anyway. It's a show tank. Breeder and frag tanks are usually piecemeal systems - put together in a way for simplicity and easy access...usually from spare parts and equipment - with plenty of backup pieces of equipment and parts.

So if you're looking at an all in one, the RSMs will not dissapoint you. Just make sure you do your research and take precautions.

blackbeltmom 05-18-2011 07:10 PM


Originally Posted by herefishy (Post 122784)
I must be lucky to have lfs's fight those battles for me. Shame you don't.

I'm not a big fan of Red Sea myself. Perfecto and All-Glass have always been my tankes of choice. I do have a couple of Acrylic tanks, but, being a traditionalist at heart, I like the glass tanks.

Red Sea Max tanks are glass.

Mikaila31 05-24-2011 02:51 PM

I like all-glass and other 'basic' tanks that are not crazy expensive. So I have no experience with Red Sea tanks, all their other equipment has worked fine for me. I have a pressurized CO2 system made by them that is over 4 years old now. Most of the cheap parts like plastic bubble counter/diffusier have been replaced with glass. The main expensive parts though have held up just fine. Regulator, solenoid, needle valve, and circulation pump are all still kicking strong. My solenoid tried to crap out once, after some tinkering with it plus some hard whacks on the corner of a table it came back and has been going for another year.

All pumps and lights eventually fail, IMO proper care and maintenance is what determines how long these things last. Its hard for lights to fail completely, they are easily repairable. Heaters are the biggest failures in this hobby.

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