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TooNy 05-18-2008 05:49 PM

Kind soul needed to identify this 'net-syno' please...

Lupin 05-18-2008 06:17 PM

Welcome to

I had to unmark your "Disable BBCode" option to make the pics show up.:)

I'm guessing Synodontis decorus though I'm not sure.:?

thespiff 05-20-2008 04:57 PM

Syno's are so very cool! I have a Syno Eupterus and he's so creepy looking when he stalks around the tank after dark. And he's only gonna get bigger and scarier.

TooNy 05-26-2008 04:02 AM

Synodontis Identification...
First of all. thank you Lupin for correcting my coding mistakes so viewers could see the images... Very grateful :D

Your identification of the Synodontis Decorus is very like my Catfish but lacking in facial features. This leads me to believe that it may be a sub-species of the Decorus and I shall think this until anyone else says otherwise or I read so. I have asked around at the local aquarist dealers and they all show a particular interest but no decisive knowledge as to what it is.

As mentioned before, he is only an inch long but if he is a Synodontis Decorus I will have to make extensive plans for homing him. He is currently in a 60l tank and I am in the middle of moving home at the moment. I have put off buying my new tank because of the move and have plans for a 200l tank to house him, my five Rosy Barbs and a host of ideas I have been mulling over these passed months. Soon to be reality... :lol:

Incidently, with reference to Synodontis id., I noticed on a website that there were, quote "new spotted synodontis". These may be same as the one sold to me but no picture was supplied and it was way too far for me to travel being all the in Essex, I think. (I am in the west country)


Jacko 05-27-2008 02:21 PM

To me, it looks most like this one:

The tail on yours most closely matches this and another species but the other species has different markings on it. On the S. decorus the tail is banded but yours has spots and a large splotch marking at the base. It could be a juvenile but the facial coloration looks a bit wrong to me.

TooNy 05-27-2008 03:14 PM

Thanks Jacko,

great help and a wealth of leads from your thread...

check this out:

entitled - Not So AngelicUS :)

The most likely representation of my cat is a Synodontis sp_hybrid(4)

Unfortunately, this still poses a few problems for me. I don't know the size, his/her temperament, the correct strata to provide etc because no-one is logging these hybrids or is making scientific studies of them.



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