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osmanEATSfishy 05-18-2008 01:42 PM

im so sad i had friggin 10 fish but they all died when i was cleaning out my tank.....stupid stupid stupid meeee i forgot to put the water purifier and they were in chlorine what an idiot i am..well anyways now that im used to maintaining a fish tank and stuff all is good and nothing has happened since but now all i have is a gold gourami and 2 tigerbarbs along with a snail. this gold gourami is really big and bullying the other fish so one died because of the gold gourami i dont wanna just throw the gourami out but rather trade it in although i dont know a store that takes in trade ins. i also want to get more fish but for a cheap price plaese help me and tell me where i should go in florida. tanx

Lupin 05-18-2008 07:13 PM

Sorry to hear that. It'd be a good idea to try trading with the lfs if they permit it.:)

Flashygrrl 05-18-2008 08:57 PM

Post on Craigslist and offer him up for free if you need to.

osmanEATSfishy 09-04-2008 09:23 PM

good news
I found out that my biology teacher will take unwanted fish so this is an option but now I kind of bonded with my fish hahah :lol:

Jay Ack 09-05-2008 03:00 AM

honestly, i put tap water straight out the hose in my tank. nothing happens. and i have discus and ghost fish. which are like salt water fish they are very fragile. the water conditioners just make them extra comftorble in the water. which is a good idea, but ur fish should not die if you just change water. if you clean the glass, make sure the sponge is well rinsed before you put it in the tank. and let the tank cycle for about 12 hours before you put the fish back in. that way you wont risk putting them back in.

onefish2fish 09-05-2008 03:11 AM

i have to say i strongly disagree with you jay ack

you cycle a tank in weeks not hours and when doing tank maintnance you dont remove the fish, drain the water and re-fill it.. rather remove about 10-25% of the water a week for a water change. its prob. best to have a bucket sitting with water in it with the proper dosed tap water conditioner added and let it sit for 2-3 days to rid it of most of the chlorines and using a kitchen sponge isnt bad, however it is bad if it was previously used to wash dishes.. that means there was soap residues on the sponge that will leach into the water! if you feel you must use a sponge, get a brand new one and dedicate it to your fish tank and use it for nothing else, or id rather recommend investing in a mag-float or a razor blade scraper to rid the glass of algae.

okiemavis 09-05-2008 03:21 PM

Jay, you are VERY wrong. I assume by "hose" you are using something like a Python, which aerates the water thereby removing the chlorine, which is why you aren't having any problems. Tap water in the United States is required to have at *least* 0.2 ppm of chlorine, which is LETHAL TO FISH.

Chlorine is an irritant which burns the fish's gills as they breath. Not fun. Also, chlorine bonds with organic material in the tank to form trihalomethanes, which are carcinogenic (ei causes cancer). Also, chlorine is a disinfectant, which means it can destroy your biological filtration.

Water conditioner is designed to remove not just chlorine (which can also be removed through aeration), but also chloramines and heavy metals (which cannot be).

Chloramine is a more stable alternative to chlorine which many utilities are using now. It is chlorine bonded with ammonia, and cannot be removed through aging or aeration of the water. It is more dangerous than chlorine, because it doesn't burn the gills, but is absorbed into the bloodstream and causes major organ damage.

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