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live2bet 05-18-2008 01:06 AM

Just made a major upgrade from 20g to 135g, help pls!
Hi fellow members. I'm a new member and have just upgraded from a 20g starter kit bought 1.5 yr ago to a 135g. This tank was bought used and it only come with a Aqua Clear 110 filter and 2 heaters. There are a few things that are missing here and i would also like to add another filter (have one 6 inch oscar now but would be getting a few more fishes in the near future). Also the tank cover is missing, would anyone be able to direct me to a site to get them please.

herefishy 05-18-2008 01:20 AM

You will find that larger tanks are more forgiving, take less maintenance and cost more money, initially.

You will need to decide on theme and what fish you wish to keep. This allows you to make any other decisions concerning lighting, filtration, substrate, ect. Some fish are totally incompatible with each other. So, do your homework.

Keeping an Oscar is going to severely limit your choice of fish and force you to make some costly decisions as to filtration. These fish are waste machines and good filtration is paramount. They are also "diggers", so don't be surprised if half of the gravel in your tank is piled up against the front glass some morning when you wake up.

Should you decide to part with the Oscar, you will open a whole world of options. Planted tank, Rift Lake biotope, Blackwater.... the list is almost endless.

live2bet 05-18-2008 01:23 AM

My project includes
1) Another filter beside the Aqua Clear 110 i have
2) Lighting?
3) Replacing my glass top cover
4) getting some friends for my Oscar

thanks in advance :)

live2bet 05-18-2008 01:25 AM

The Oscar has been with me for almost 2 year and i cannot put myself to let her go :( .

live2bet 05-18-2008 01:33 AM

Just in case i decide to let my Oscar go, what would be my possibilities with this 135g tank?

herefishy 05-18-2008 01:38 AM

You have the world at your feet with a 135g tank!!!

live2bet 05-18-2008 02:05 AM

care to give me a few ideas?

herefishy 05-18-2008 03:21 AM

Holy smokes!!! A planted tank with loads of driftwood, tetras, danios, dwarf, cihlids, angels, discus, (man, I'm running out of fish).....I don't care to much for barbs in a planted tank, they tend to rip leaves.

Should you want to go African Rift Lake cichlid, OMG!!!!!! Even an African riverine tank would be impressive.

But, a tank that size, the most impressive would be the planted tank. Even a blackwater tank, with a lot of wood and plants, would benefit from the sheer size.

And depending upon your choice of fish, one could keep shrimp, snails, and other inverts.

Like I said the world is at your feet. That tank has the potential, just in size alone, to be VERY impressive. The wood work, the plant layout, the stocking.... Even should you decide on African cichlids with their rocky biotope..... That tank has a ton of potential.

Amphitrite 05-18-2008 07:21 AM

Hello there live2bet :) As herefishy has already said, if you did decide to part with the oscar it would really open up your options with a tank that size.

If it were me personally, I would go for a community planted tank. For substrate, I would use eco complete (you'll find this will be of great benefit if you go with plants), and a couple of large schools of tetras. A mixture of bottom dwellers such as corys and loaches, and perhaps a couple of german blue rams which have beautiful colouration and great personality. Maybe a couple of ancistrus to add a bit of something different. I would also have a mixture of rocks and wood in the tank.

There is such potential for your tank, and it's really a matter of weighing up your preferences. Keep the oscar and be very limited in what you can keep, or rehome him and go for something completely different.

I'll be very interested to hear what you decide to do!

herefishy 05-18-2008 10:28 AM

One thing I didn't mention is your budget. We all start with an amount in mind. But, we always go over. Nature of the beast, I guess. A planted tank will cost more, although many of the fish do cost less than most cichlids. But in an African cichlid tank, you will have the expense of rockwork. So the difference in price is not as much as one would expect.

Once you decide on your direction, we will be able to help you with your layout and choice if fish, plants, filtration, lighting, substrate, and the sort.

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