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paintsforyou 08-07-2006 08:31 PM

Hi! Im new and need advice for my Oranda
Hi! I am so glad I found this site! I have been a goldfish mom for a little over a year now. I have a 20 gal with 3 baby black moores and a new 30 gal with a fan tail, an oranda and a dojo loach. The 30 gal I set up to house the fantail and oranda as they were getting too big for the 20 gal and starting to pick on my black moore. The tank is about 1 month old now and I used alot of the stuff out of the old tank.
All the time I tested for ammonia (always showed 0 and I used 2 different test kits)Nitrites showed 0.3 at its highest...I would do little water changes to keep it down. It read 0.2 for about 2 weeks and the other day I tested levels again and all were at 0. PH is at 7.8. When they first went in the tank they were showing all the symptoms of chilling so I have added a heater and the water is now kept at a steady 74 degrees. Now my problem is When the tank was cycling I noticed my oranda's tail with some blood streaks and brown around the edges..I assumed it was from the Nitrites. I now noticed a bigger red spot right at the base of the tail an ulcer? (I'll post a pic)
The fantail looks startled all the time and is hiding alot more,
they sometimes swim wildly and They hang around at the top alot. I also have a corn plant that seems to be turning brown. I run an undergravel filter with powerhead and a side filter as well. There is alot of bubbles in the tank..could this be causing them to swim like that? Without thinking I dosed the whole tank with maracyn two, I was told that it shouldnt disturb my good bacteria, but was also told to use Jungle Fungus eliminator instead so yesterday I did a 30% waterchange and added the jungle. This AM I test the water and the Ammonia and Nitrites were reading very high, the fish seem to be acting normaly now, very active and picking at the gravel for food (Ihave cut back on their feeding for right now) . I did a 30% water change this AM and another this afternoon and replaced the carbon to clear the meds out of the tank. I treat my water with Stress Coat, Aqurisol and a little aquarim salt. I want to get the tank back to normal then maybe try moving her to a hospital tank. Will I have to cycle my tank all over now? They are acting normal so would the readings be false due to the meds? How serious is the ulcer? Should I be treating her right away or are they somthing that can clear on its own? Any info will be greatly appreciated!

Lupin 08-07-2006 08:38 PM

Hi and welcome,

Not that I want to go off topic, but the UG filter is useless. Let alone having goldfish as big poopers. The UG filter will never remove the wastes out of your tank. It's best that you switch to internal or external filters although external filters would be your best bet.
Your goldfish seem to be reacting to the meds causing red streaks on their fins considering you use too many meds. If I were you, pls stop the treatments as they are probably getting stressed.
You're also using salts unnecessarily. Pls stop the salt until necessary. Best to use them against ich.

paintsforyou 08-07-2006 08:47 PM

Hi Blue thank you so much for your reply! I also run a side filter that can handle a 50 gal tank along with the underground. The red streaks on the tail and the ulcer at the base of the tail is the reason why Im medicating...

Lupin 08-07-2006 08:49 PM

How did you come up to the conclusion that it's ulcer? Are there any other symptoms? Pls post more details re the symptoms or condition. Septicemia is also a possibility.

paintsforyou 08-07-2006 09:00 PM

I took the pic into the pet store they figured it was an ulcer. But its not raised...just red viens. I was thinking that it was septeciemia as well. She has had this for a while now 2-3 weeks as it developed when the tank was cycling. She was acting a bit unusual such as swiming wildly befor the meds but now she seems fine.

Lupin 08-07-2006 09:02 PM

You took the lfs advice?
Pls be aware that they're putting you into trouble.

Pls read this link:
There are descriptions re the ulcers and septicemia. I'd say your goldfish is suffering from septicemia.

paintsforyou 08-07-2006 09:31 PM

Thank you for the link Blue! If it were septecemia wouldnt she have died by now? she has had the red veins for about 3 weeks now and is very active, eating and acting normal.

Lupin 08-07-2006 10:03 PM

Your fish's immune system is still probably working. It'll succumb only when it no longer can fight the disease.

paintsforyou 08-07-2006 10:14 PM

she has the red on her 2 flippers and tail only. None on the body and none around the eyes. I just tested my levels and the ammonia and nitrites seem to be comming down. I think its because Ive gotten rid of the meds. What should i do now? should i remove her to a hospital tank and medicate her there? or should I continue medicating the whole tank? Should i use Maraycn two or Jungle Fungus eliminator (it says it removes fungus and bacteria but Im sure it also messes with my levels) If I move her to a hospital tank I dont have an extra filter.

Lupin 08-07-2006 10:19 PM

Put the sick fish in your hospital tank immediately. And use the Jungle Eliminator. Then try to use activated carbon on the filter to remove the meds in your main tank.
Septicemia can be spread via cannibalism, fecal contamination, etc. It's best to perform water changes and gravel vacuuming to at least eliminate any possible contaminants.

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