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foureyed_dragon 05-13-2008 05:16 PM

Attack of the green
I went on vacation for 14 days and put my dad in charge of all the critters running about my apartment. He did a great job (nothing died), but when I came back my 10 gallon was green. And I don't mean just a little algae here and there, this was a greenish of epic proportions. Algae covered every inch of every thing in the tank. I dunno how the fish didn't die because it had grown all over the uptake tube of my filter and it had stopped working.
I took everything out of the tank and scrubbed and cleaned all the plants and the gravel/sand as best I could. It was beyond gross.
What my question is though is what caused this and how to I keep it from happening again? I know that they didn't get a water change for the 14 days, but I did do a water change and put a new filter cartage in before I left. And there was no hint of greenage. The tanks i away from windows so it doesnt get any sunlight and the light gets turned off every night and on every morning.

herefishy 05-13-2008 05:26 PM

Three things come to mind lack of water changes, too much light, and over feeding.

okiemavis 05-13-2008 05:49 PM

Just a note, with such in depth cleaning of the gravel and such, you're probably going to want to watch out for a mini-cycle in the tank. It's possible it will be just fine, but you should test the water frequently just to be safe.

With some water changes, I bet you'll bring down the nutrient levels in your water and the algae problem will be solved.

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