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lapinkace 05-07-2008 10:15 PM

Planaria pt II
Ok so I've posted previously regarding a huge planaria problem I had. Well ever since then I've been doing water changes and the planaria reduced a lot. My fish got really sick tho ever since the problem and eventually passed.. so a week later, I did an 80% water change, got new filter stuff etcetc and let it sit for a few days. Everything seemed to be going good till I noticed that there are still planaria in my tank.. Now honestly there isn't much.. I can probably even count them.. who knows, but they're there and just the thought is annoying. Will they ever go away or do I have to have a serious clean out for them to be permanently gone? My tank currently has one glass catfish and 3 neon tetras. I'm thinking of switching from gravel to sand and getting an extra filter for that. Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated

herefishy 05-08-2008 12:48 AM

Planaria won't hurt your fish, nor will they kill them. Planaria, many believe, is the sign of a healthy tank.

Just let the tank cycle. I don't recall how old the set up was originally, but if you change substrates you will start another cycle. The glass cat needs company and current. Providing current many times is not conducive to using a sand substrate.

If you change substrates, try using a dark color. The darker colors have been proven to calm the fish. To prove this fact, most fish have a darker top and a lighter bottom. This is to confuse predators from above and below. This is particularly evident in many of the top water minnows. Thus the calming effect, they feel safer.

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