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Thaliesin 05-07-2008 02:58 PM

Good lighting?? Compact fluorescents
I just switched out one of my 25 watt incandescent bulbs with a compact fluorescent bulb. It only uses 13 watts of power but replaces a 60 w bulb it also says it outputs 900 lumens and 2700 k. So I now have this CF and 1 25 w incandescent how many wpg is this? Also since it's not geared toward plants, is it just usless light. Or because it is so bright the plants will still use it efficiently?

example of bulb:

fish_4_all 05-07-2008 03:14 PM

There is nothing I have found that determines the wattage output for aquariums for that light. All I can tell you is this:

If you got one that has a K rating of 6500 or higher then it will work for plants.
I have been able to, as well as freinds of mine, grow plants really well in a 10 gallon tank with 40-60 watts of 6500K rated bulbs just like that one.

If I had to guess, I would say that you get about 50% of the wattage of the rating on the bulb, not the output.

herefishy 05-07-2008 03:32 PM

+1. I don't think that the spectrum on your lights is good enough. Lights in the 6500K- 8600K would do best. Wattage is not a good indicator of light bulbs.

okiemavis 05-07-2008 04:32 PM

Just a suggestion, I'd recommend either making sure you have a good cooling/venting system in place for the incandescent, or switching that one out to CF as well. Incandescents create a lot of heat, which means temperature fluctuations.

Dtld9 05-07-2008 05:47 PM

I have one of those in a 5G and my plants do great, but I also have DIY Co2 in the tank.

Thaliesin 05-07-2008 08:47 PM

Okay cool, I just saw we had a bunch of these bulbs. Last night I thought what the hey and put it in. I will look for the higher kelvin values, also my tank is only a 10 gallon so 1.3 wpg isn't that bad I'll leave it in for now :D

fish_4_all 05-08-2008 10:42 AM

Just be aware tha with the off spectrum they may promote algae more than plant growth. But I guess anything is better than incandescent.

iam_koi 05-15-2008 02:35 PM

thats good. you could grow anubias, vallesnerias, crypts..etc. now. good luck and happy planting! :)

Unrulyevil 05-22-2008 10:54 AM

get T5

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