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girlofgod 11-20-2006 01:48 PM

veggie pulp as fish food
i like to juice carrots and apples everyday and drink them and i am always left with the waste(pulp) of the fruits/veggies and was wondering if these could be used to feed the fish, or if there wouldnt be enough minerals/vitamins left in the food to do anything...just wondering...thanks


crazie.eddie 11-20-2006 02:12 PM

I know people would feed their plecos fruits/vegetables, such as apples and carrots to their plecos, which are happily eaten. I would assume they would be fine for the rest of the fish. The only thing is probably the mess it would leave. You could probably add some unflavored gelatine to solidify it to make them easily available for the fish, without making a mess.

girlofgod 11-20-2006 02:23 PM

even though it's really the "waste" of the veggie? it would still be ok? thanks!


crazie.eddie 11-20-2006 02:55 PM

Yes. They may not be any nutritional value in them, it would be. When my loaches and plecos eat away at the zuchini, the bits and pieces that float away are eaten by the other fish.

fish_4_all 11-22-2006 01:31 AM

The peel has more nutrition than you think. Sometimes my BN pleco eat nothing but the peel. My only worry would be the mess it would leave but if you feed in moderation and make sure it eaten quickly then go for it. I would make sure they were cleaned well before juicing but I hope you do that anyway.

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