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chuck_10 05-06-2008 05:46 PM

EMERGENCY: My goldfish is dying
My goldfish has been sick for the past couple of months and I believe it is swim bladder disease, he just can't stay straight but mostly at night. I treated him with Maracyn Two for a week and that seemed to be no good.

Anyways, right now he has no strength whatsoever to stay straight, if he wasn't in my net he'd fall straight down. I've tried feeding him both dried food and blood worms, but he'll just spit it right out. Also, every time he breathes it is as if his heart gave one big strong thump.

Tank is a 55G, temperature is 75* and all water stats are normal. Please help me out, I've grown attached to this fish ever since I got him a year ago and don't want to see him die.

chuck_10 05-06-2008 06:43 PM

Damn it he's gone...

RIP buddy

Ps: Just so there's no confusion, I didn't mean this to be my first post here. I'm a member in another forum, but the server is apparently down.

Melora 05-06-2008 10:27 PM

Sorry to hear that, I have a Ryukin with a similar problem: nothing seemed to work, but (luckily) in his case he seemed to just get a little better with time... he's still upside down a lot though (also mostly at night) and doesn't seem to grow :/ He almost died by getting wedged in an amazon sword not long ago too because he just didn't have the strength to free himself. ...and I totally love him to death too... I know what you were going through, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Flashygrrl 05-07-2008 05:32 AM

Just for the information factor: Goldfish are a coldwater fish. They need to take it bigger amounts of oxygen than what's available in a tank heated higher than about 68. Figured I'd give you a heads up for the next goldie you get.

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