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Nancy 05-06-2008 12:06 PM

My Dalia Isn't Well

My female Betta, Dalia hasn't been well. She hasn't eaten in 48 hours and her back end tends to flop over. She was rising to the top more often for air but in the past 8 hours, she has just laid on the bottom of the fishbowl. Dalia was treated a while back for Ick, used tetracycline. Dalia still has a few white spots, look like white heads, or a grain of salt, so I'm assuming she still has ick. Put her in a round, 1 gallon glass bowl along with some tank water and water treated with a water conditioner. Placed this fish bowl into the 10 gallon tank so it floats and it keeps the water in the 1 gallon bowl the same temprature as the 10 gallon tank. Also added some tetracycaline. Also noticed she hasn't disposed of any waste and her belly appears to be swollen. Tried giving her small bits of frozen pea but she is not eating that either. I have had Dalia for over a year and I can't think of what else to do to help her.

She has been in a 10 gallon heated fish tank, with filter, for the past 2 months. Before that I kept her in a 4 gallon heated tank with filter. Found out during that time that I didn't have to change the tank water completely nor should I clean the pebbles or plastic plants in the tank, with any type of soap. I usually washed everything with dish soap, and let all set in a water bath Drained the container and soaked in water bath again. Then I put the tank back together. Found out that I can just cyphone about a 1/3 of water while vaccuming the stones to keep the tank clean and healthy.
This has continuted once a week since having the 10 gallon fish tank. I also added 2 tbs of aquarium salt to the tank to help with Dalia's getting better.
I could sure use some help for Dalia, I have had her for over a year and hate to see her sick.

JMeenen 05-06-2008 01:55 PM

I am so sorry to hear about your fish..Don't use aquarium salt with Bettas at all..maybe try this..take her out of that water and use fresh water at the same temp as the water she is in..treat the water with salt ..put her back in..see if she starts to improve before trying to feed her..she probebly won't eat if she isn't well.Try to get a hador submusible heater it's flat and only raises the temp @ 5 Degrees so you won't cook her in that bowl..maybe try some betta fix but only a drop no more....Others on this board have much experience so you will probebly get some good advise here. Good Luck.

Dtld9 05-06-2008 02:07 PM

The one gallon is kinda small for a betta, which may be the cuase of your problems. With a tank that small you would have to do water changes every other day. I have a betta in a 2.5 gallon and he still has water quality issues now and again, even though I do my weekly water changes.

Nancy 05-06-2008 04:59 PM

Dalia is only in the one gallon fish bowl because she is ill. I didn't want to keep her in with the other fish until I knew what was wrong with her.

The one gallon fish bowl is floating in the 10 gallon fish tank, which Dalia is accustomed to, that way it keeps the water in her one gallon the same degree of temp as the 10 gallon. I will try the change of water without salt. The 80 degree temp in the 10 gallon doesn't seem to bother the other fish but I can adjust the temp. on my heater and I'll lower it to 78 degrees.

Thanks for the advice.

okiemavis 05-06-2008 05:01 PM

I actually would recommend keeping it at 80 degrees. Bettas prefer temperatures of 78-82 degrees, and even warmer is good when they are ailing.

Neo 05-06-2008 05:39 PM

when my female betta acted this way it was due to fungus, check her mouth and gills for a white, lint like substance

Nancy 05-06-2008 06:36 PM

Using water conditioner, changed the water in her one gallon bowl and keeping temps at 80 degrees. Don't notice any lint type of fungus in her mouth or gills, just a few of the white "head" dot type of thing on her, which I'm assuming is ick. Noticed since putting tetracycline in her water, this time, the white dots are clearing up. She appears to be coming up to the top a little more than she was, for air. Still no appetite as of yet and no waste either. I'll keep praying and hope that tomorrow will bring a better day for her.
Thank you for all the help.

Flashygrrl 05-06-2008 07:09 PM

If you can get the temp up to 84 that's helpful because it speeds up the life cycle of the parasite. The other fish will probably be fine with that (what else do you have in there?).

Nancy 05-06-2008 07:29 PM

I have 2 other female betta's, 2 cory fish and a platy.

Flashygrrl 05-06-2008 08:45 PM

Keep an eye on the cories while you have the temps higher, they should be ok for the duration though.

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