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okiemavis 05-05-2008 09:13 PM

the table salt debate
I've heard a lot of discussion on this site over whether or not it was safe to use table salt instead of sea salt to treat ich and such in the aquarium. Many people have said it was safe, while others said the iodine used in table salt was dangerous.

As it turns out, the idea that table salt is dangerous is based in fact, however, it is no longer relevant. Arsenic used to be added to table salts to keep it from sticking. Obviously, we've learned that arsenic is not a good thing to add to food, and this is no longer used. As there is no longer a powerful poison in table salt, we can add it to our fish tanks without worries. Iodine in the concentrations contained in table salt is completely harmless and may even be beneficial, especially for inverts.

Conclusion: table salt is perfectly safe for aquarium use. Just thought I'd share!

Lupin 05-06-2008 01:45 AM

LMAO! I simply laugh off the iodine danger claims. Without iodine, the fish would have suffered goiter as much as humans do.:roll: Overall, it's only a myth. I've used table salt a lot of times with no ill effects on the part of the fish at all. If the concentration of iodine and other additives in the salt we are using is dangerous to fish, we would have died long ago.

There are fish that lack tolerance for salt, of course, mainly those from soft acidic waters. Quite understandable if you study everything about osmoregulation and osmotic shock.;)

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