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bhone20 05-04-2008 07:37 PM

I need advise on my Oscars symtoms PLEASE
My tiger oscar and Albino Tiger Oscar are both the same age(8 months)they are both the same size/length(9 inches).They are in An 80 Gallon tank,new gravel,new plants, new filter,and new air stone.I rinsed everything before instaling them.I have treated them in the past for internal parasites.They would vibrate their tail fins almost like a shiver,and shake their heads back and forth briefly but quick shakes,also they would dart and splash and freak out like behavior for no reason.I researched this to be internal parasites right?.I went to Petsmart, bought the parasite tablets.I treated them Exactly as the instuctions stated,removed carbon bags,48 hours later i replaced the carbon media in the filter.I then did a 50 percent water change,cleaned the filter,and gravel vacumed the substrait.It has been about two months since I treated the water.I keep the tank very clean.Water change/Gravel vacume every week.Now I have noticed the oscars have small groups of pits on their head behind their eyes,and on their nose/face and the little pits are on the bottom jaws they are about the size of a pencil eraser in circumfrence .I have treated them once before for this wene i first spotted it about 2 moths ago,because i thought it was HITH.After i treated them.I kept very close trackl of the pits.They werent geting worse for a good month.Now it has been about 2 months and i got a magnafine glass and waited for them to swim close and the pits are all over them and i thinkl the must be spreading.I cant take a digital of the pits because i cant get it to focus in that close but i will keep trying.
p.s. I feed them Freeze dried jumbo krill,Giant Meal Worms,Frozen Jumbo Krill,Feeder Gold Fish,and Large Crickets.I stager the different foods .krill for breakfast,crickets at mid day,and for dinner a mix of meal worms and froze krill.I feed them about 20 feeder fish per month.

I hope i have enough info here for a good opinion,and would greatly appreciate any response about what to do. THANK YOU!!!!!!

herefishy 05-04-2008 08:57 PM

Read these links. I would advise against doing weekly gravel sweeps as much of your bio-bed is there. Maybe bi-weekly or monthly would be a better alternative.

Also feeding greens or veggies should also be a part of your fishes diet. Feeding high protein animal matter is not a good thing. Oscars need veggies too.

Here are some links.

okiemavis 05-04-2008 09:10 PM

I would avoid using feeder fish from now on. They are kept in very poor conditions at the store (which I'm sure you see), and as a result are almost always carrying all sorts of disease and parasites. If you do feed live fish, they should be quarantined by you for at least a month and fed quality food (called gut loading) so they have the most nutritional value for your oscars.

Unfortunately, that does sound like HITH, which I'm not very familiar with treating, so you should wait for someone else to respond with that.

There are a lot of different causes for HITH (or theories for causes), but I have heard that old carbon may be a cause. Do you change your activated carbon regularly? Other causes may be poor water quality, stress, overcrowding etc. I've also heard that lack of vitamin C can cause HITH. Seeing as you aren't really feeding anything with vegetable content, that could be the source of the illness. As great as live and frozen foods are, it's always a good idea to feed a good quality flake food as well. Perhaps you could buy one with a decent vegetable content and add that to their menu as well as fresh vegetables. They may enjoy peas, broccoli, zucchini as well as a variety of other veggies.

bhone20 05-05-2008 02:25 AM

Yes, I change my carbon bags every month like clock work,and stager them.I never replace both at once.The water quality cant be a factor,so as you said,Okiemavis,I will try just that.I know they will like veggies.I have fed them spinach before.I will give it a few weeks on that type of diet and type up how the oscars are doing on the forum.THANK YOU VERY MUCH Okiemavis, and (THANK YOU MUCHO herefishy,I am brand new to this site and to forums.I have read posts that you have responded to,and I believe your knoledge of aquatics is impressive) . have a good day.

okiemavis 05-05-2008 04:21 PM

Best of luck! I really hope they turn out alright. There was a bit more information I wanted to ask for that I forgot before, could you read this link and give me the information it asks for?

Also, could I ask what you used previously to treat for HITH?

bhone20 05-05-2008 07:45 PM

of course!! I treated them with "JUNGLE" brand "PARASITE CLEAR" (tank buddies) the one that has (Praziquantel).I dissolved the tablets in a cup before gradually adding it to the water.with out active carbon in the filter.


1. 80 Gallons
2. Freshwater
3. Setup on Aug 20/07
4. Two 9"Oscars/One 3" Convict
5. Fake Plants
6. Constant 76 Degrees
7. Fluval 405 External Filter
8. 16" Airation Pad
9. No Natural Sunlight/But the tank is near a window and could have 2-3 hours of sunlight in the evening.
10. Last water change 6 days ago/25%
11. Water changes performed every week.
12. Feed two/three times per day.Krill(dried/froze),Live Krickets,Live Meal Worms,Cichlid Gold Pelets,OMEGA Cichlid Flakes,Brine Shrimp,(And now Fresh Veggies),but they DO NOT like the veggies yet.
13. 32" long Aqua Glo Freashwater light.light is on from around 10am to around 11:30pm.
14. Facial pits/jaw pits/head pits.shaped in small clusters.
15. ph 7.0-7.2 it fluctuates day to day. Dont have ammonia tester nitrate/nitrite tester yet,it is on my list.
16. old dip type test strips,with color indicator.
17. Last fish bought. black tiger oscar in october 07,it was the biggest in the tank,and was chasing the other 6 oscars in the sale tank. It was then 3" long.

Thank You

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