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DJOstrichHead 05-04-2008 02:49 PM

I.D. help
I first noticed it when it was around 1/8 of an inch and has since grown to about 3/8 inch. It has a white crown, almost like a feather duster but very short.

I wasnt concerned at first i thought i might just be a tunicate or something of that sort but now that 3 other ones have suddenly popped up around i am concerned i need to stop the spread.

conger 05-04-2008 09:02 PM

unfortunately I can't I.D. it for you, but I am very interested to find out as well... I've got several of them growing in my tank, except that they aren't growing in the main display. There are several growing in the overflow corner of the tank (my overflow is in the back left corner), behind the overflow wall so I can only see them when I am behind the tank looking at it.

Since they haven't moved into the main display or the sump (and I don't have a camera and wouldn't know how to informatively describe them), I haven't bothered to find out what they are. But now that you've asked and provided a picture, I wanna know as well!

DJOstrichHead 05-05-2008 06:02 AM

apparently they are pineapple sponges. completely harmless and slightly good for the tank, kind of like a feather duster.

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