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LHughes77 05-04-2008 10:20 AM

New Tank! First Water Change?
I started a new 47-gallon bow front tank about a week ago. Last night we added 9 fish and one of them had a fry so we now have 10 fish. I cannot remember when I did the first water change with my 20-gallon since it is getting close to a year now. I realize my tank still has to cycle, but when is it appropriate to do the first water change in a new tank?

Thank you!


okiemavis 05-04-2008 10:49 AM

Since you've added so many fish to an uncycled tank, you're going to have to do frequent water changes. Keep an eye on your water parameters and do a 25% water change every time to ammonia/nitrites start to get high. You'll probably have to do one every few days. It will definitely help to 'seed' your new tank with substrate/decorations/filter media from your already cycled tank.

LHughes77 05-05-2008 10:00 PM

Not sure what it was, but I went to take a pic and it is gone now. She is all cleared up. Thank heavens!


LHughes77 05-05-2008 10:01 PM

Oops - wrong post. I was trying to post to a different topic and somehow got to this one.

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