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fish_4_all 11-19-2006 01:12 AM

Live Food, what have or do you use?
I have fed a lot of different live food and I was wondering what everyone else uses.

I have tried: fruit flies, meal worm larva, grindal worms, micro worms, vinegar eels, nightcrawlers, whiteworms, mosquito larva, springtails, aphids, brine shrimp, pinhead crickets, mites, and anything else that would grow in my cultures.

What other live foods have you used?

bettababy 11-19-2006 03:01 AM

The live foods will depend on what kind of fish you're keeping... The same live foods are not always good for all types of fish.
What kind of fish are we talking about?

crazie.eddie 11-19-2006 03:30 AM

I tried redworms before, but my loaches got scared of them.

I use mealworms, which my African Butterfly ate.

I use live crickets, but I think they were too big, so my African Butterfly ignored them. I later found them in my basement.

I used to hatch BBS (Baby Brine Shrimp) for my fish and also guppy fry.

I used to feed brine shrimp for my fish.

I use to breed guppies and used the fry to feed my archer, puffer, and Mono Sabae.

I gave up giving live foods, becuase I like to give a variety and most of them would die, since I didn't feed them often. Plus I was concerned about the fish from picking up some kind of parasite/bacteria from them, especially when using worms.

Kathryn 11-19-2006 04:56 AM

I use bloodworm, daphnia and brineshrimp, sometimes live, sometimes frozen. :)

jones57742 11-19-2006 06:56 AM

Re: Live Food, what have or do you use?

Originally Posted by fish_4_all
....What other live foods have you used?

I feed red wiggler worms.

Please refer to:

If the worms are raised per the literature most are too large except for my large angels and platties.

I have also seen my cories eating them at night and I believe that this is one reason that my sterbai have such bright colors.

Although I have never observed my Gold Nuggets and Queen plecs eating them I believe that they do also.

I am now experimenting with "overcrowding" in one of my worm bins and the worms appear to be getting significantly more numerous but are still multiplying at the same rate.

My guppies can eat these "smaller" worms which result from the overcrowding.

This sounds very "yucky" but I also put 1/2 cup or a cup of worms in the blender and barely chop.

I put the chopped worms in a larger cup and add Tetramin flakes to form a stiff paste.

When I place this paste in the tank a feeding frenzy occurs which is greater than that which is caused by any of my other foods (including brine shrimp and beef heart recipe).


Originally Posted by fish_4_all
I have tried: ... grindal worms, micro worms ...

Of these two which would you recommend as the easiest to culture for a novice, the least odiferous and the most beneficial for a community tank
(guppies, platties, angels, yoyos, SAE's, neon and glowlight tetras, etc.)?


BTW the vericompost which is a byproduct of the red wiggler worm production is very, very good for potted plants.

rev 11-19-2006 07:46 AM

Anything i find alive around my house or yard gets fed to my Oscars (when i kept them). Believe it or not, lizards were taken regularly & much appreciated. Yep, common garden lizards (skinks) or gecko's.
You know Oscars though, anything that lands in the water dosen't last more than a few seconds including big cockroaches, christmas beatles (no, they're not too hard) & any insects you can find loitering around the fluro lights.
Large goldfish are fun too !! (if your a masochist).
I don't beleive feeding live food is cruel. These small reptiles & insects regularly fall into the water & end up being part of the menu in nature. Oscars seem to be able to eat anything with no worries, however i would not try any 'natural' foods with my current stock. IMO, adding live or 'natural' foods is possibly the easiest way of introducing 'undesirables' to your system.

girlofgod 11-19-2006 11:44 AM

i recently have tried frozen brine shrimp...but has anyone else had a problem gettting their fish to eat these? i have 4 angels in one tank, and they dont care for them, and a gourami, platy and guppy in another and neither do they care for them....oh well...


Kathryn 11-19-2006 12:11 PM

I've never really had a problem with fish not liking food, apart from when I first bought my Rams, they wouldn't eat flake for a week or two, but they will now...? :D

fish_4_all 11-19-2006 01:00 PM

No specific fish type, just in general. And as far as "wild" live food, I have only used moussies, (mosquito larva) and then only from a clean source that I set up myself specifically to get them. I raised all of the insects and live food I mentioned without much of a problem. Crickets were a little dirty until I figured out to use corn cob litter in the bottom and then they were very clean and easy to culture. The mealworms were one of the easiest as you just let them do their thing and you will have thousands in about a month or so. Vinegar eels are even easier because you just ignore them and take out some once in a while so they don't become overcrowded.

Haven't tried to raise red wigglers yet but I think they will be next endeavor because they eat so much of the kitchen waste and make a good fertilizer byproduct. I also fish so they would be good for that too :wink:

I have fed all of these to swords, guppies, cories, BN, neons, common pleco, and loaches. I have had with great success and very little lack of interest.

Oh and when I had my betta, his favorite food was white worms and the larger the better.

Lupin 11-19-2006 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by crazie.eddie
I use mealworms, which my African Butterfly ate.

That's what my arowana eats now.:mrgreen: Aside from other foods laid down for it.:wink2:

I use to breed guppies and used the fry to feed my archer, puffer, and Mono Sabae.
I did feed the fry sometimes for my angelfish, rams and tetras but the adults are given to the aro.

Live foods do pose a risk as Eddie previously mentioned. Used to feed live tubifex worms but quitted on it after I became a keeper of rams. I wouldn't risk my rams to diseases.:blueshake: :frustrated:

I used mostly frozen stuff as they would be safer than the live ones.

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