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wildman 05-01-2008 10:40 AM

Stocking Limits
So a couple of months back I bought a 29 G tank. I have a whisper 40i filter. I had 6 zebra danios in it for 5 weeks to cycle it. Last week I added a dwarf gourami, 4 Furcata Rainbowfish (Pseudomugil furcatus), 3 Signifer Rainbowfish (Pseudomugil signifer), a Hillstream Loach (Beaufortia kweichowensis), 1 bamboo shrimp (deceased already :x ), 3 tiger shrimp, 2 clams, and 4 cherry shrimp. One of the cherry shrimp died already as well and the remaining appear to have gone into hiding.

I know the 1"/1G rule of thumb but I wonder if the fact that the rainbows and danios are so slight in build if I can add a couple more inches. I'd like to add a gudgeon or 2 or possibly another gourami--a couple more "big bodies."

I'm also adding plants to it--do they change the equation signifigantly?
Should I remove the shrimp or just heavily plant the tank?

Thanks for your insight.

herefishy 05-01-2008 11:56 AM

Well....... Although the danios and the rainbows are slight in ody, they are very active fish. Thus they have a high metabolic rate. They eat alot, thus they produce more waste than suspected.

The stocking of your tank was too much, too fast. Many think that, "Hey, my tank is cycled, time to add fish." Not so. You must add fish SLOWLY and allow your bio-bed to adjust to the increased bio-load of more fish.

Planting and heavy filtration do change the equation. But, it is an unknown as to just how many fish, and which ones, you may add.

The one inch rule is a laugher. It, simply, is not a true scale to stock your tank. Just forget that rule and you will be better off in the end.

I, honestly, think you have stocked your tank too quickly. You may experience more losses in the near future until your tank achieves a balance. I wouldn't buy any more fish for at least a month, maybe more.

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