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kender42 04-30-2008 11:36 AM

5-minute sponge filter
Okay so I was looking at this 5-minute sponge filter thing but I had a few questions. (Here's the link for those who don't know what it is: )

One: how does it actually filter cuz there's no intake and I would think it would need to pull water in as well as blow out.

Two: what could I use in place of a fish food container? I only had the one fish and he ate two different foods but he never finished of one.

Three: What alternatives are there in the cheap small filter world that I could go out and get?

Four: semi-unrelated question: What small heater would you recommend for a tank that is semi triangular and is the type marketed as betta tanks? (I know it's not big enough but I don't have the space or the money for a bigger one)

It'sJames 04-30-2008 02:46 PM

Hydor makes a little 7 watt heater, but it's super simple. It will raise the temp of the water by 5 degrees. Anything else and you might cook your fish in such a small container. The hydor heater is flat, so you can lay it under the gravel, or inside a filter. It works pretty good. I have mine inside the filter of my 5.5 gallon, and it keeps it at 77-78.

stephenmontero 04-30-2008 04:33 PM

i read that article and that filter isnt good for an every day kind of thing u might want to invest in a real one. the way it works is u hook it up to an air pump something ur betta doesnt like anyway so u want to get a filter that doesnt have much current

kender42 05-01-2008 12:27 AM

O....k.... I have one of those air pumps with the filter stone that goes in a big tube that leads under the gravel. I had my betta for eight months and he didn't seem to mind. It wasn't that strong. It was a Hawkeye 201, whatever that means. It was small, round and grey and vibrated slightly. But all it seemed to do was blow bubbles.... very disappointing... but it was a hand-me-down from my sister. She couldn't take it when she moved to Ireland. (the whole tank setup not just the filter.....)

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