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miagrrl 04-26-2008 06:27 PM

stocking 2 tanks
i am adding a fourth tank to my little collection of pets and wanted some stocking help. i have kept a variation of hardy and freshwater fish, but am interested in expanding my family and perhaps trying some new fish. i will have an already cycled 30 gallon tank in about a month (i am moving the current inhabitants to a larger tank, which is cycling now).

i would like to put my 6 harlequin rasboras and male cherry barb in the 30 gallon and aside from that, i need some suggestions.
i would definately like to add more harlequins, and maybe some cories. but how many could i put in there without pushing the limits? and what other fish would get long in there as well?
woudl my female betta do alright in there with the harlequin and the cherry barb?

also, since the harlequins and cherry barb will be moved from my 10 gallon, i was interested in keeping some other kind of small fish in there. it has 3 habrosus in there right now, that will most likely stay in there. i want to add 3 more of them, and then some kind of micro-rasbora???

any ideas?

i would like to keep both tanks peaceful and mostly hardy fish only.

Dave66 04-26-2008 08:18 PM

You could double your population of Harlequins and add seven friends for your lone Cherry Barb. Though I detest mixing continents (the Rasboras and Barbs from SE Asia, the corys from South America), you could add a trio of one of the small corys, like Corydoras panda. I'd say a sextet, as corys do better in groups, but that'd be pushing it in a 30.
All the above is possible in a properly set up and maintained 30 gallon. It would have to be fully cycled and the fish added a few at a time every week or 10 days. Ammonia and Nitrite MUST be zero, and Nitrate under 10 ppm between weekly partial water changes. If the tank was properly planted and established, the Nitrate would be a good deal under that, benefiting your fishes.


okiemavis 04-27-2008 12:04 PM

I totally back up the cories idea, although what substrate do you have? People say they do OK on gravel, but when I switched my cories over to sand they were 10x happier, healthier and fatter.

I'd recommend doing pygmy cories, so that you could do a bigger group, like 8. It'll still be easier on your bioload than 6 larger ones.

tophat665 05-10-2008 09:11 PM

Or, if you want to stay on the same continent and you have a soft substrate, stick in a half dozen kuhlis. Make sure you have a good cover, though.

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