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maniss 04-25-2008 02:19 AM

molly pregnant or not
is my molly pregnant??if yes then when will it release its babay??any suggestiongs??

1077 04-25-2008 04:25 AM

Photo could suggest she is pregnant .If se is , she will have the young when she is ready. You do not say what other fish are in the tank.males? I have purchased molly,s that were pregnant and found that they need no assistance in producing young ones. If there are plenty of places for the young to hide , many can suurvive. Looks like you have plantgrowth. That will be where to look for young. :P

Amphitrite 04-25-2008 09:55 AM

Welcome to the forum maniss, and good luck if your molly does have fry.

The survival rate will all depend on the number of hiding places and what other fish you have in your tank. :)

Jasey 04-25-2008 10:14 AM

My molly looked quite plump like what I can see in your 2nd pic before she had her babies. Once she had them I moved them to a 5 gallon where they now reside, only because otherwise my gourami would have eaten them. I'm not sure, the mother molly might try to eat them too.

maniss 04-25-2008 09:18 PM

my tank is 28 US gal and i have some black widow, some mickey mouse platy,swordtails,catfish mystic mystus,pleco and betta....but i am not sure if it is pregnant becoz it looked same for so long and i dont know if its gonna give birth to its frys or not...why is it not giving birth??i have everything normal(temp,ph,nitrate etc)

Jasey 04-26-2008 06:21 PM

I would say just give it time. My molly looked really plump for almost a month before she gave birth. At first I thought she was bloated until she had the fry. However, yours might really be bloated. I can't really say which, it is hard to tell.

maniss 05-03-2008 10:34 AM

com'on guys no comments abt my fish??u guys dun wanna help me out??

stephenmontero 05-03-2008 10:44 AM

your molly might not be pregant it could be a balloon body in which case they look like that all the time

maniss 05-03-2008 11:11 AM

do u mean it is a ballon molly??r u sure??

stephenmontero 05-03-2008 04:13 PM

i am saying it could be i have a black balloon body who looks like the fish in ur post

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