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lcso910 04-23-2008 06:24 PM

Algae control and Fiddler Crabs
I know I shouldn't have fiddler crabs in my tank. Wish the idiot who sold them to me had told me the truth or wish I had read up on them before my purchase. I have two in my 100 gal tank. I used in the past "Jungle" brand No more Algae. I don't think I can use it with the crabs in there,can anyone confirm this?
Can I remove them for a period of time if I do treat the water or not?

Flashygrrl 04-23-2008 07:28 PM

Not sure but I think it might be one of those things that will never be completely removed so your best not using it. Maybe we can help with your algae problem a more natural way? Have you tested your water lately using a liquid reagent kit (API or Red Sea)? What tank size? How often and what percentage do you do water changes? What are the other inhabitants of the tank?

lcso910 04-23-2008 09:37 PM

Algae Control and Fiddler crabs
I have not tested the water lately. Tank is 100 gal. I change about 1/3 water every mo.
The algae is not that bad. I scrape tank sides about every 2 mo if needed.
I have danios, mollies, neons several types, and I think sliver tetras they are large.
I just have added the algaecide as it seems to help keep it cleaner and clear longer.

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