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FeroX 04-20-2008 02:58 PM

Wanting to start a biotope...
Of a fast-flowing stream....somewhere. China, perhaps? Only problem, if it even is a problem, is the tank I'd like to do it in is a 48x18x18 drilled tank. Here's some pics

I've never done a biotope before but I'd really love to start one now, and on a fast-flowing stream. I've googled somewhat but it's mostly useless so far. My problem is, how can I incorporate a sump (most likely a 23Long tank) into this design, and if I can, what should the sump have and all that jazz too. I've also never used a sump before so maybe some diagrams and very detailed explanations would help me greatly. i.e. what pumps go where to what and what sump should look like w/ media and stuff.

I figured since that a chinese mountain stream (if thats what I decide to go, if there are other fast-flowing streams that I could replicate POST EM!) has mostly small fish, so the sump could almost entirely consist of biological filtration instead of masses of mechanical, right?

Anyway, yeah, basically what I'm saying is:

1) What equipment do I need for this biotope? Best filter, if I need one w/ the sump...idk, best powerheads, etc
2) Please help me out with this sump business, how do I construct, how do I set it all up etc
3) "Best" fast-flowing river/stream biotope to replicate

Remember, tank is 48x18x18 w/ those bulkheads drilled already. Thx a lot guys

fish_4_all 04-21-2008 04:34 PM

With the bulkhead drilled, it looks like somewhere in the left side, you oculd set it up so the river flows toward it. I think it will help those thyat have experience with sumps to see more of the pictures at one time.

There is a Sump post in DIY that is pretty good but I couldn't find it. Must be one of those days.

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