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bubbles1 03-29-2013 11:17 AM

Extra visitors??
So yester ay i went to my lfs and purchased a school of 8 rummynose tetras for my 20 gallon.. and the guy was pretty chill he gave me 9 for the price of 8 so i got an extra for free, but when i got home i realized on top of the 9 rummies he gave me 2 blue emperor tetras that were bieng sold in the same tank.. so i got 3 fish free technically.. what should i o with these emprors? get like 4 more for a school? or leave them just as two? whats should i do in this situation? any help with this predicament?:shock:

Rip 03-29-2013 11:32 AM

bring them back to the pet store if you don't want to keep them, or add more if you have the space and desire to keep them. but a 20 gallon is probably only big enough for a small group of each, or a large group of one.

Byron 03-29-2013 07:04 PM

The exact species is important. By Blue Emperor, are you meaning Inpaichthys kerri [click the name for the profile with photos]? This is a peaceful fish, but likes to swim (as do the rummys). A group of 6 should be OK with your rummys if you decide to keep the two and can get four more. Male and female are easy to ID by the colour of the adipose fin [explained in the profile] and a 3/3 mix would be best.

If you mean the regular Emperor Tetra, I wold return them; they can be feisty in small numbers.

Common names can be confusing.

BTW, I would get a few more rummys too; they are better in larger groups, so 9-10 would be good. Even with the I. kerri if you stay with them. This can work if you have live plants, esp floating, and perform a weekly partial water change of half the tank.


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