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Neon1 04-18-2008 01:53 PM

New set-up, some strange developments, need help **Long**
Hello everyone. New to the forum, but not fish keeping. This is my first aquarium in many years though. Let me lay out the scenario to get everyone up to speed:

I bought and set up my 10 gallon tropical tank on Sunday April 13th. I bought a complete kit that came with everything save for gravel, decor, and or course fish.

I had everything running by 2:30pm that day. Added Aquasafe tap water conditioner to remove the chlorine and junk and make tap water safe.

24hrs later I added my two scout fish to do a fishy Nitrogen cycle, Glo-lite tetras. The water was crystal clear up to two days after adding the fish, so three days total.

Once it appeared cloudy on Wednesday, I did a water change. From here on out, all my replacement water has and will be bottled spring water. I removed 2.5 gallons from the tank and refilled. I then removed about another 2 gallons and refilled. The water cleared up a bit, but was still a bit cloudy. During this change I sucked up the fish flakes that had fallen to the bottom. The next day (yesterday), I did the same thing. After doing the water changes this time though, I put in Stress Zyme by API which came highly reccomended to boost the cycle and make it go faster, and also keep the water cleaner.

Today the water looks to be the same, and I did a water test just 10 minutes ago and got some strange readings. My ammonia turned up as 0, with 0 Nitrites. My water hardness and PH is alarming. My Geneneral Harness is reading between 60 and 120, with KH at 240 (5 in 1 test strips) and the PH is about 8.

What's going on? My fish look fine. They are swimming around and acting normal (excpet for not eating. I've fed them twice since getting them, putting in two medium sized flakes each time and they don't move. The flakes eventually make their way down to the bottom). Why are my readings wierd? Or are they not and this is part of the cycle? Would the addition of Stress Zyme yesterday explain the 0 Ammonia due to the beneficial bacteria? But then why no rise in Nitrites? I expected my water to not be so hard or have such high PH since I've been replacing my water with bottled spring water, and I've only fed the fish twice with no more than two medium-large flakes a time .

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

*****EDIT****** I re-did the tests on two new strips and they came up the same save for the Amonia. It now shows up as .5 still lower than I expected.

herefishy 04-18-2008 02:06 PM

Nix the test strips. They are not accurate. Get a liquid reagent kit. API makes a good rather inexpensive kit.

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