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zdowell 04-17-2008 10:29 PM

Oscar acting funny. Shaking??
1. Size of aquarium 10gallon
2. Is your aquarium setup freshwater or brackish water? fresh
3. How long the aquarium has been set up? 3 months.
4. What fish and how many are in the aquarium (species are important to know) Oscar, 3 inches long.
5. Are there live plants in the aquarium? no
6. What temperature is the tank water currently? 78
7. What make/model filter are you using? top fin 20
8. Are you using a CO2 unit? no
9. Does your aquarium receive natural sunlight at any given part of the day? little.
10. When did you perform your last water exchange, and how much water was changed? couple of says ago, 20% ish
11. How often do you perform water changes? weekly
12. How often and what foods do you feed your fish? few times a day, cichlid staple.
13. What type of lighting are you using and how long is it kept on? like 8-10 hours a day.
14. What specific concerns bring you here at this time? His tail is shaking every so often
15. What are your water parameters? Test your pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Dont know.
16. What test kit are you using and is it liquid or test strips?
17. When was the last time you bought a fish and how did they behave while in the pet store tank? Bought some tiny feeder fish, about 10 of them.

He seems fine most the time, but every so ofter his back tail will shake. And, dont flame me because of the small tank, he is only 3-4 inches long, and I have a bigger tank at home, im in college right now...

Cody 04-17-2008 11:25 PM

When he shakes his tail, is it like totally random and jerky, or is it like he is trying to turn around fast/get away from something?

The parameters are the most important thing to know here. It is hard to address your problem without them.

herefishy 04-18-2008 12:30 AM

My guess is ammonia poisoning, or at least the onset. 20% water changes weekly is not enough for a fish with the bio load of an oscar. I would recommend 50%, and maybe changing water only, no gravel stirs, twice weekly.

And invest in a liquid reactive test kit. API would be my recommendation.

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