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tankbud 04-15-2008 06:15 PM

i have a breeding stuation its got me baffled
i have a suppose green terror pair i had a small female and decided to go get a male to breed with her and even got rid of my other fish to do this but anyways they laid eggs but in two close but different spots one in the pot i had and some on the bubble strip i have they are turning white meaning they are unfertilized but i cant tell i some are fertilized or not they are not all white 2/3 is white only. well what i thought was the male it has a nice color,pointed fins,and not big but ok hump he looked like a male till this piont they both are aggresive towards each other but before were like if they were a pair and had harmony if the tank now its chaose my little female had scars and scratches they seem to be fighting. can any one tell me whats goning on why this male is either confused on his sexuality or a female that looks ALOT like a male if you want to see a video to see what he looks like ask i have some on youtube

1077 04-16-2008 06:19 AM

It could be that the male is dissapointed with the lack of effort by the female in guarding and fanning the eggs. It is not unusual for young fish to not quite get it right the first few times they spawn.However from the aggresiveness the fish are presently displaying , it may be necessary to separate them . or at the very least provide ample hiding places for the victim of the aggresson.

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