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gilfish 04-14-2008 08:39 AM

Baby Kribs!
Hi all. I have some baby kribs in my tank (I count 6) and right now they are literally barely visible. Do I need to worry about finding some sort of baby food for them at this point? Or do they live off tiny aquarium stuff until they are a little bigger? Help and thanks. :o [/u]

southafrica1001 04-14-2008 08:44 AM

Congratulations :D:D. im not sure what you should feed them, maybe your lfs has some fry food for your kribs, and maybe baby brine shrimp will work, not sure though ive only ever had livebearer babies lol. good luck:D

Amphitrite 04-14-2008 09:42 AM

Congratulations gilfish! I would imaging that baby brine shrimp, liquifry or flakes crushed into a very fine power and fed with a pipette would be okay.

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