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resRfun 04-13-2008 08:55 AM

serpae tetras/red minor tetras
In my 20 gallon tank, i have 8 serpae tetras and 3 plats. Ive been told that they are supposed to be schooling fish, but they just seperate the tank into diffrrent areas and just stay with they are, and nip one another if they get too close.

Its semi planted and has some hiding spots, that only the platys use.

Is there a problem with schooling the serpaes?

herefishy 04-13-2008 11:18 AM

A 20g tank is a rather small tank. They have formed a loose school. The nipping is their way of establishing a pecking order. Once that is established, the school will tighten up.

I have just received some red-eyed tetras through a random act of kindess(RAOK) of another member, beetlebz. They are now doing vetry much the sane thing whill adjucsting to thier new surroundings

resRfun 04-13-2008 12:20 PM

they have been like this for quite awhile.... almost 5 months. Any way to speed up the schooling?

Lupin 04-13-2008 06:56 PM

There is no way to force the tetras to school unless you can come up with a large tank and a few large fish that are intimidating enough for them to school but not large enough to eat them.

resRfun 04-16-2008 04:57 PM

What kind of fish may seem intimidating to them?

beetlebz 04-16-2008 05:06 PM

those red-eyes really pummel each other dont they? :) they calm down quick though.

resRfun, as long as they arent doing damage to each other I wouldnt worry too much about it. I guess you could TRY rearranging the tank somewhat, if they feel uncomfortable in a "new" environment it might tighten them up for a little bit, but theres no way of knowing if they will stay that way.

personally I think watching the hierarchy establish itself (on going or not) is fascinating.

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