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Squidword 11-14-2006 11:07 PM

80 gallon filter for a 30 gallon tank
we have a filter that was given to us that supports a 30-80 gallon tank. We currently have a whisper that is for up to 30 gallons in our 30 gallon tank. Would it be a really good thing to use this larger dual like filter?



Nick 11-14-2006 11:31 PM

Hi Julie...Thats sort of puzzling me right now. I guess its never to bad to put some good filtration in the tank but its bad to OVER filter the tank. If the filter says 30 to 80 gallons im sure its suitable. :D

Squidword 11-15-2006 12:12 AM

Nick, Lol, it's going to take time for me to understand that super clean for me might not be so great for the fish. :wink: Thanks!

dprUsh83 11-15-2006 12:19 AM

It may be weird for the fish at first, but I'd say it's fine. Especially if it says 30-80 gallons.

crazie.eddie 11-15-2006 12:24 AM

Not really bad to overfiltrate, but there maybe too much current, depending on the fish. If you have a gravel susbtrate, you should have enough nitrifying bacteria to support the tank if you run the new filter. Otherwise, run both filters at the same time for about a month. If you think the fish are struggling with both filters running, just reduce the flow on one or both filters.

Alexis 11-16-2006 10:39 AM

Well, if this helps any, I have a Aquaclear 110 on a 20 gallon tank and I LOVE IT.

Squidword 11-16-2006 10:04 PM

Alexis :shock: cool

bettababy 11-17-2006 12:42 AM

Eddie has the right idea here... it's more a matter of current than size of the filter. It is also a matter of waste levels in the tank. Does the tank have a heavy nutrient level that it needs more filtration? There is no such thing as "over filtering" but there is such a thing as "over cleaning". These are 2 entirely different situations. If the fish aren't struggling to swim through the flow of water with the new filter, I would say it is safe to use, if needed.

jlynch76 11-17-2006 01:20 AM

hello, it is not a bad thing to over filter. the filter and substrate hold your good biological bacteria. So the water in your filter constantly flows over and helps to keep a good enviroment for your tank. over all it is good. Im not saying put a 100 on a 10 put in common sense a little extra is greaaaattt!!!

fish_4_all 11-22-2006 01:41 AM

Never too mcuh filtration but as said by others, your fish will determine what you should run and how fast. If it is adjustable then I would use it. I plan to buy one size larger filter for any tank I set up from now on.

Now remember something about this, your filter could easily replace all of the beneficial bacteria in your tank even in the gravel. The bacteria can only survive if they have a source to feed on, massive overfiltering can remove the food source, nitrites and ammonia from the water column and could cause a problem if the filter ever fails. It can happen and I know people who had it happen. This only happens in new or in extremely clean tanks with no gravel or very clean gravel. Gravel vacs are fine when you do a water change but the puropse is to remove excess mulm and waste, not all of it. Is rare but worth mentioning, IMHO. As long as vacuuming is done weekly and not daily, it should never be a problem.

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