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Riveninside 04-11-2008 12:32 AM

i'm new here :waves:
hey all, thought i'd come in and say hi for a bit :)
Been dinkin around here for a bit now.
Anyways! livin here in portland, Oregon. i'm 22, work at the support center for kroger on the desktop side of things, name is noah if ya ever need to call!
heres my 2nd tank setup, keeping it semi cheap for now 'cuz it's a hobby, but i'm barely covering the roof over my head to keep it going :P
there is the 10 gallon. can't remember what the big guy is called, but he is a gold fish/koi of some sort. then i have 3 plattys and 2 little algee eaters (i'm really not good with names, i just enjoy them and know what i like :D )
Also, i have a 40g in the spare bedroom i still have to setup, but like i said, it's a (for me) expensive hobby that needs to take it's time.
for future plans on the 40, want to build a chiclid tank with slate tiles and trees and such.. should be fun.. (btw the 40g is an off size, it's 18x18x36 so it's low, kinda cool)
anyways, thought i'd introduce myself :)
(that betta is over 3 years old)
and the fish may look like they are in a dirty tank, however i just moved into a new place and don't want to over stress them by cleaning them right away.

herefishy 04-11-2008 02:29 AM

Welcome to the forum.

willow 04-12-2008 05:13 AM

welcome aboard. :)
i had a fish like that once.

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