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DragonGoby 04-10-2008 05:27 PM

Bad water, Clown Loach Dead!

I have been strugglung to control the water conditions in my tank since i added the fish. Overloaded on a fairly new (but cycled) set up and yes it is overstocked if the full grown size is taken into account. I plan to get another tank in the future.
But for now I need help getting this tank sorted.. as i've nowhere else to put the other fish.
It is a 100 litre (think ~22g) tank. With 2x ram cichlids, 3x baby angelfish, 5x neon tetra, 1x clown loach (as of now) and 1x dragon goby,
I had been doing water changes every other day (~25%), and had been adding filter booster at each change as instructed (along with the usual tap safe stuff), though it wasnt getting better quickly. Then my dragon gobys eye went funny (looked like his eyelid was stuck half shut), so increased the amount i changed to ~50%. Then I got the attack of brown algae, and last night one of my clown loach looked sick (lying on his side) and today he was dead (no physical signs of problem). I believe these are both due to the bad water quality.. unless anyone knows of any other possibilty..?
I cleaned off the mould today with another 50% water change.
The last test I carried out... even though it was 3hrs after I changed the water came in bad still. The PH level is probably making matters worse, as it comes out the tap like it at around 8.5.
The nitrates are somewhere between 50mg/l and 100mg/l. They have come down since the water change.
Ammonia has come down to around 0.8mg/l.
Nitrite is the real problem, mainly as the test colour always comes out the same shade of shocking pink.... I think it is between 0.5mg/l and 1.5mg/l. I just connot get it to shift.
Any help would be greatly appreciated... Any products I could use to help me through this set up of filter bacteria.. I dont want to loose any more of my babies! :cry:

Flashygrrl 04-10-2008 05:49 PM

What do you have running for filtering?

You probably have no other option other than to call the LFS's and see if they will at least take your angelfish and clown loach. The loach will be miserable by itself and needs a lot of room, and the angelfish all need a ton of room. Any other course of action will probably result in a slow and painful death for your remaining fish.

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