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beetlebz 04-09-2008 04:39 PM

apisto agression
Sooo.... I had the 2 apistos that spawned, if anyone remembers.. And I wound up with about 12 fry, that Herefishy just got. now out of no where the blue guy (i assume its the dude) starts chasing off the yellow one (whom i assume is female). It gets to the point where he will go looking for a fight just to pick on her. Finally a couple days ago she was laying on her side barely able to swim (this happened before, but shortly after they were both fine with each other) and he would swim over and beat her with his tail.

Today.... shes gone :\ just... missing. On the other hand theres a severum and 6 trilineatus cories in there so if she bit the bullet shes fish food by now :(

Anyone know why this would happen? just... out of the blue and after spawning even? I thought most cichlids were family oriented, apistos included. And.. if I got 1 or 2 more and a pair of blue rams is there any way to keep him from terrorizing them too?

herefishy 04-09-2008 04:56 PM

I suspect he wanted to spawn and she didn't. Pretty common among cichlids. And, as you said, she's probably been fish food. I suppose you want your fish back now, eh?

Did you check out the tank by removing all decorations? I have a loach that I thought was missing for over 9 months, only to find him when I decided to rescape the tank. He pops his head out of the gravel. Pleasant surprise.

cichlid-mike 04-11-2008 10:51 AM


It is important to have atleast 3 female for every 1 male species you have. The female fish will fair better as the male will have 3 to chase, rather then 1.



herefishy 04-11-2008 11:15 AM

Dwarf cichlids are not like many cichlids. A pair will remain a pair for a very long time, sometimes until one or the other dies. I have luelingis, cacautuoides, and borellis that have done this. They have teamed up to kill, if allowed, any other of their species in the tank. Many non-Rift Lake species do this as I have noticed in my years in the hobby. I do not know if this is unique to me or if it is a common practice with these fish.

But, for their size, they are one of the fiercest fish I have ever kept. They show no fear when claiming and defending their territory or their young. At the same time, they are a docile addition to a community tank. I guess they just have a thing for their own kind.

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