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bigk_54 04-07-2008 09:16 AM

Stocking 55 Gallon
Ok folks, need some real life #s here for stocking my fish tank. I have called a few pet places and get a WIDE range of answers, so Im going to you guys for some help! I want a community tank that is colorful and enjoyable! My tank is roughly 48"x17"x13". I have a Aqua-Tech 30/60 Filter and a Emperor 400 Power Filters.

First off I would like a few Blue Rams........

Here are the other fish I would like (any combo I have just narrowed it to these I like)
Dwarf Neon Blue Gouramis
Smaller Fish
Tetra (Cardinal, Neon, Bleeding Heart)
Danios (Zebra, Glo-Fish)

Also what would be better for algae eaters Cory's or Plecos and what kind?

Are there any invertebrates that are friendly?! My kid wants one but most that I have read aren't peaceful!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Give me examples of #s and species that would co-exist be GREAT! THANKS!

thespiff 04-07-2008 03:05 PM

As far as inverts go, I have a couple of "Green Lace Shrimp" in one of my tanks that are pretty cool. They are filter feeders and a little over an inch long. They couldn't hurt any of my fish if they wanted to, and they're good at steering clear of anything that might hurt them. The only negative is that I don't see very much of them as they tend to hide out in the plants a lot.

Also, apple snails aka mystery snails are always cool.

Cories won't eat algae off the glass. As for plecos, some of them are more fond of the algae than others. If you like Plecos, take the time to find a really cool one if you can. The standard common pleco is both fairly unappealing and just gets too darn big. Find yourself a nice bristlenose or something less common.

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