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gazza2006au 11-14-2006 04:15 AM

beginner with new large tank (pic)
Hello from Australia

i have owned a smaller fish tank about 8-9 years ago just a small 2 foot tank basic stuff like air pump filter had about 15-20 gold fish so now recently bought what i call a large tank with the following details

Size: 1498 x 477 x 1450mm (with cabinet)

Capacity: 360L

Thickness Of Glass: 10mm

Aluminium Alloy Hood

6 Illuminator Light Included 4 x 24W and 2 x 39W

Filter Pump Included HQJ-900G 12W 900L/h

for the moment i will be putting in a few gold fish or some other type of cheap cold fresh water fish im in australia does anyone have an idea on fish? i have read about the new tank syndrome im guessing i will need some type of chemicals? the tank is mainly for a side hobby and for my neice and nephews to come over and feed the fish from time to time after 4-6 weeks of running the tank with cold water fish i plan on upgrading the tank to a tropical tank so i can keep some exoctic fish any help here would be appreciated i need something easy to look after and i also need some help on what i will need to turn it into a basic tropical tank so far im thinking just a heater?
thanks for any replys its much appreciated :wink:

Nick 11-14-2006 07:22 PM

Hi and welcome :D Thats a pretty darn big tank you got there...Awesome!
Well first things first you need to cycle the tank. The goldfish can do that for yeah assuming your going the fish cycling way...What cycling the tank pretyt much is is that when fish poop it turns into AMMONIA which is very very bad and kills the fish. After a while bacteria starts to accumlate into colonies in your tank and after a little while it eats the ammonia. Then then ammonia turns into NITRITE, which is still VERY bad for your fish and will kill them. which after a little while the bacteria eats that too and then turns into NITRATE which is not very toxic at all to your fish. Your stats should be
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
NItrate under 40

Basic components for tropical tank is a suitable heater, filter, desired air pumps etc...

You wont need the heater for the goldfish as they are coldwater. We can help you as you go along with ANY questions you may have :D I just covered only a few of the things needed and needed to do to start an aquarium. Obstacles after cycling are choosing what fish are compatable and right for your tank and other tankmates. Be sure to include pics along the way :D
hope this helps


Lupin 11-14-2006 09:43 PM

Hi and welcome aboard, Gazza.:wave:

Sorry if I may have misunderstood you. But did you say you'll keep tropical fish? If so, goldfish aren't really tropicals and won't need the heater. They are coldwater(more of temperate) fish.

There is still a debate over the use of the chemical "Cycle" so this cannot be verified if it can be used or not. The only chemical I'd use is dechlorinator to eliminate chlorine and chloramine(depending on the conditioner used). There are cheaper alternatives to eliminating chlorine but won't eliminate chloramine. Leave the water standing in the pail for 24 hours and the chlorine should dissipate. Chlorine is a gas so this is easy to remove. Chloramine however cannot be removed. You'll need conditioners which can effectively remove it.

Consider adding fish only after your tank has cycled. What fish are you planning to keep? There are fish with certain requirements which you'll need to research. Try to post a list of your choices and we'll sort them out for you.:) Some fish thrive in higher temps and will often become vulnerable to diseases when kept in lower temps.

Don't hesitate to ask more questions.:)

Good luck.:thumbsup:

gazza2006au 11-15-2006 03:16 AM

thanks for the replys :) i picked up the fish tank today damn its bloody big and heavy! :shock: i bought it off of ebay for AUD$611 brand new what a score :lol: well after i got it home i sussed things out it come with 2x20watt red/purplish what look to be T5 or what ever the new style of fluros are and 2x30watt fluros that look like 6500K or 10000K it didnt come with the 6 lamps as it stated but im happy also included two 900lph power heads the filter is very weird to me anyway first off the pumps pump the water thru two lenghts of hose that run above my filter these hoses have alot of holes they spray the water over the top of the foam than below the foam there are 6 black compartments (mesh looking boxes) all equal in size and they all measure in total about 4-4.5 foot so a very very big filter indeed im assuming? :) there ment for some type of filter medium maybe carbon? i dont know :oops: than the water trickles back into the tank via these snorkel looking connections i will have pictures in the next day or two of all these parts as i have only a slight clue as what they do :oops:
the fish i am interested in a couple of months will be australian native fish if its possable main fish i want is a barramundi :D bass,golden and silver perch im pretty sure they all live in both salt and fresh water? well im hopping so other than those im im open for ideas on fish and i want a fair few over time need to fill this big tank with something 8)
i also plan on using gold fish as my guine pigs to run in the tank its abit slack but im sure there up to the job how many fish will i need to do this size tank? the gold fish for sale here are about 5-8cm
thanks for all your help its appreciated

gazza2006au 11-15-2006 06:45 PM

well i ended up taking some pictures not long ago i need help on sorting out this type of filter so i can get some fish in there anyway here are the pics
the tank is very dirty i havent had a chance to clean it yet :)
return jet thingos?
mesh bucket?
overflow return pipe thingo

Andrew 11-16-2006 02:13 PM

nice tank, would make an awesome planted tank, but whatever your taste is i am sure it will maximise your set up.
Is it an ex display model, sorry for asking but i was just wondering why it was traded on ebay.
if it is ex display chances are the lights may have been on everyday, in which case i would recommend changing the tubes- it will brighten your fish colours.

Thats all i can say at the moment, congrats on the purchase!Bargain, i wonder what the postage would have been to the uk???

gazza2006au 11-16-2006 07:12 PM

hi andew thanks for the reply :) i bought the tank for fish but if i can find a few nice live plants i will put them in but im yet to learn about that as for the tank it was brand new in 2 boxes its made in china so the price was cheap the person i bought it from has a few in his factory im not sure if they ship international? and i spoke to one of my aquarium shops ive been told its a trickle filter so i wil grab some carbon or ceramic noodles tomorrow and some gold fish to cycle the tank :D

bettababy 11-17-2006 12:19 AM

Hi gazza, welcome to the board! Sorry I'm late in getting to your post. For starters, that appears to be an eheim tank, a model which is not easy to come by in the USA anymore. They are quite expensive when you can find them. If I remember correctly, they stopped making them years ago. I am doing some checking into your tank and filter, but haven't received all of my answers yet. I'll post about it as soon as I can.
As for cycling with goldfish... 2 things to keep in mind: Goldfish will not be compatible with tropicals, so unless they are meant as feeder fish, you will need to consider where you will move them to after cycling. Another thing to consider is that goldfish are extremely dirty fish, and not "easy" to keep as is often thought. They are prone to diseases, and grow very large. The standard comet (feeder goldfish) averages 14 inches, and the standard fancy goldfish averages 8 inches (I don't suggest trying to cycle with fancy goldfish, this will likely not end well, they are much more sensitive to water conditions and don't cycle well)
If you are set on goldfish, I wouldn't put more than 1 or 2 into that tank. This might not seem like a lot to you, but they grow very rapidly. Standard growth rate on feeder/comet goldfish... they can go from 1 inche to 6 inches inside of 2 - 3 months... so even with 1 month limited time, they should more than double in size.
There are a lot of better, sturdier fish to cycle with, tropical fish, and fish that will blend with your other tropicals, depending on what they turn out to be. I would focus on cleaning the tank with bleach water (1/2 cup of bleach to a gallon of water), letting it air dry for at least a few days, replace ALL filter media, once we have identified your filter, change the lightbulbs, get your gravel, decorations, even live plants if you're wanting them... fill it up, add water conditioner, and I do suggest Cycle, I have found it to work quite well when used as directed, and to remember that the #1 key to success in fish keeping is patience.
I will post again when I have identified your tank, and done a bit more research on your desired fish that you named.

bettababy 11-17-2006 12:31 AM

Ok, I'm back with information on the fish species you listed... and I'm going to tell you, honestly, there's no way you're going to be able to keep either the perch or the barramundi in a tank that size. The barramundi grows to almost 7 feet long!!! If you follow this link you'll see what I mean:
You're going to run into the same problem with the perch... they get to be over 15 inches
Have you considered something like Australian rainbow fishes? I am guessing your tank is approximately 55 gallons? I'll have to find my converstion chart to be sure, but even if it's slightly bigger than 55 gallons, you'd need thousands of gallons for the barramundi (and that's just for 1 fish), and you'd need well over 200 to keep more than 2 of the perch.
We all love to help, but we need info to work with. Can you tell us what traits you're looking for in your fish other than they be native to Australia? Color? Size? Aggressive/Peaceful? There are a lot of choices out there for you, we'll do our best to help you choose something that is good for that size of an aquarium.

gazza2006au 11-17-2006 12:35 AM

thanks for the reply bettababy its appreciated i done some more searching today and i found my whole fish tank is a china copy from the Aquaone brand (link below) the filter takes ceramic noodles and activated carbon as for the fish i filled the tank yesterday to let the water sit for a few days so tomorrow i will let my neice and nephews pick out some gold fish and put them into the tank to cycle it while im there i will grab some gravel (if i can find it) ceramic noodles and activated carbon dont worry about the gold fish my neice will be taking home what she can the rest will be put into a smaller thank i plan on buying to put inside of the cabinet and use those gold fish for food haha i just went for a look in one of my LFS to see what fish they had on offer and called anothr shop to see if they had in stock or could get in the fish i wated they said its highly unlikely as i wanted a few australian native cold water fish ie: barramuni,murry cod,silver/golden perch if i can get these fish i will go this option if not i will need to look into setting the tank up for tropical fish i seen a few cheap loaches they look nice and active :D

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