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frstevlwtch01 04-05-2008 03:23 AM

Mollies and Salt
I have a ten gallon Mollie tank. I've been reading that Mollies do well with some salt in thier water.

I was discussing the salt issue with this girl working at Petsmart, and she was telling me that I needed to add salt everyday to maintain it.

I wasn't really confident in what she told me. I've read a lot of different things saying that Mollies thrive well in water with a little salt, and plus it helps fight off Ick. The girl at petsmart was saying that through breeding the mollies now do not need any salt, and they do quite well without it. She advised not to add any salt

So my questions is, what kind of salt should I use, and if anyone has any tips or comments please post for me. Thanks

Little-Fizz 04-05-2008 09:02 AM

Aquarium salt is what people usually use. But table salt works fine too. Thats what I used while battling ick.

I also had mollies with no salt and then do fine without it. Salt isn't necessary but they do like it.

I'm not sure about having to add it everyday or how you would maintain it. But I'm sure someone can help you out with that :)

cajunmomof4 04-05-2008 11:09 AM

Mollies do like salt, but you DO NOT add it everyday. Someone would have to answer the how much question for you. But also table salt is only safe if it is additive free. I suggest canning and pickling salt, but read the label make sure there is no potassium, silica etc.

Cody 04-05-2008 01:50 PM

Mollies are a Brackish Water fish, but most Tank-Bred ones have been born and raised in Freshwater. It wont hurt to add salt, but you would have to make sure the other fish (if any) can have salt in their enviroment.

Now there are two types of salt; Aquarium Salt, and Marine salt. Aquarium salt is for ich medications and reducing stress, not to make water salty. This can also be table salt. However, to have salinity in your tank, you need Marine Salt. This would be what you would use for Saltwater tanks.

fish_4_all 04-05-2008 02:13 PM

The definately don't need salt but a little doesn't hurt anything. Unless you have a planted tnak and then you only want to add salt if the plants can tolerate brachish conditions.

As for Aquarium salt, the stuff I used to use says it could be used to basically make a tank brachish for fish gill function and other normal functions. I know some that use it that way without much problem, expensive but it works.

One thing to remember, When you add salt you only add what is needed and that is it. When you do a water change, you only add the right amount of salt for the water you removed! Do not add the amount for the whole tank again!

If you are worried about amounts and want to make sure you never add too much get a hydrometer.

Brachish is 1.002 - 1.022 with 1.012 being the mid number. This is from a web site so don't use those numbers yet. Hopefully someone will verify this with better information that my random search.

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