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iamntbatman 04-02-2008 11:16 PM

Kribensis Breeding?
I bought two young kribs a while back when they were too young to be sexed, and lucky me, they ended up to be a male and female. They didn't get along at first (the male bullied the female to no end) but apparently, they've fallen in fishie love.

Recently, they really started coloring up. The male's fin extensions have become much more prominent and the female's belly has started to swell. For the past couple of weeks, they seem inseperable and have been doing typical mating behavior. They claimed a small castle for themselves. About a week ago, they started carrying out pieces of gravel and put it all in a pile in front of their lair. They started spending a lot of time in the castle and chased away all my other fish from the area. All of this, I understand, is normal spawning behavior.

However, a few days ago they toned down the aggression and have been swimming away from the castle. I didn't want to disturb their love nest to check for eggs. Is it safe to assume that they didn't hatch or that eggs were never laid? I was kind of hoping to have to go out to buy some celebratory cigars. Any recommendations on ways to improve their chances?

herefishy 04-02-2008 11:45 PM

Most eggs. I use broken flower pots as breeding arenas for kribs.

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