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nfored 04-02-2008 07:01 AM

2 fish 2 aquariums same strange behavior
I had posted in a previous post that I had setup my first aquarium with 3 bala's 1 red tail black shark and a rainbow shark. After reviews from this forum I moved the rainbow to another aquarium. Here is my question on behavior I had them all together for 2 days and almost never saw the rainbow he always was hiding and the RTBS hid in the same cave about 75% of the time. I assumed the Rainbow was hiding because the first day I put them all in there new home I saw the RTBS chasing the rainbow. Well now I have 3 bala's and the RTBS in one tank and the rainbow in a tank by him self. My bala's always active and out they seem happy, the only strange thing I see is while 90% of the time all 3 are together the other 10% the same bala goes to the other end of the tank and hangs out alone. The RTBS though is another story he still hides and I only see him every so often and when I do itís only for a few minutes and then right back in the cave he goes; same with the Rainbow thatís alone. Is this normal activity for these two types of sharks? I know the rainbow and RTBS are very close relatives to each other. The 3 balas and RTBS are in a 55G tank and the rainbow is in a temporary 10G until the end of the month when he gets a 30G

Water test (I use aquarium pharmaceutical drop test, hard for me to see subtle color differences) all test are listed in ppm

Ammonia 0.25 Ė 0.50 * I canít tell the difference between these colors
Ph 7.2 Ė 7.6 * this one is in the middle somewhere
Nitrite 0.0 Ė 0.25 this is not exactly 0 but not .25 either somewhere in the middle
Nitrate This one to me looks to be 10.0 but the two other people I had look said its between 5.0 and 10.0 I still say 10.0
Water Temp day 1 the temp was 78F where it had been for about 4 days, I kept hearing conflicting reports saying that was to hot for my RTBS so I lowered it to 76F

Sorry for the long post I am a newbie and just want healthy happy fish. I must say many people say the RTBS will be the center piece or start if you will of the tank, but I never see him I love my bala's

fish_4_all 04-04-2008 11:36 AM

It could be normal behavior. The you could find another shark and have it stay out in the open and be one of the most active fish you have ever seen. It all depends on the fishes personality, tank conditions and genetics.

I have seen this hapen the other way too. 2 identical tanks with the same fish and the fish in one tnak act totally different from the tohers. Only real different was plant density in the tanks.

The-Wolf 04-05-2008 02:44 AM

with a reading of both ammonia and nitrIte your tank is still cycling.
both chemicals are toxic to fish and this is why you are seeing odd behaviour

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