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Brandon805 03-31-2008 02:18 AM

Breeding Betta
Dear all,

I just bought 2 bettas, 1 male another female. I put them in a aquarium hoping that they will breed. But to my disappointment, they just swim about and the female doesn't seems to be in the mood of mating. the male fish is also too gentle (doesn't nip the female). he just follow the female and chase after her.

What should I do?

southafrica1001 03-31-2008 06:47 AM

i havent ever breed bettas but from what ive read it would be a smart idea to seperate them and try again in a few weeks. some breeders put the female in a vase etc (not sure if it is that) in the tank with the male, so that he can see her and start his bubblenest, when it is complete then you let the female out (after a few days when you put her in there). just take your time and keep trying. Good luck :D

Cody 03-31-2008 08:53 PM

You cannot just buy two bettas and place them in a tank hoping to breed them. As with all fish, they need to feel comfortable and be heatlhy. As suggested, keep the fish seperated for now.

The bigegst concern is getting the female ready to breed. To get both "parents" ready, have the temperature around 80 degrees constantly, and have the water level dropped in each tank a few inches for at least 3-4 weeks. Feed them very well (blood worms, pellets, etc) for the weeks. The female should begin showing vetical bars, whcih means she is ready to breed. This is where you can start.

Divide the male's tank in half, with him on one side. Dont run a filter, or if you do, a sponge-filter set very low. Adding live plants helps as well. The water level should be around 3", no more than 5". The male should have a bubble nest as well.

Add the female to the other side. If she wants to breed, she will try to get over to the male, flare a bit, and show the vertical bars. After a certian time period, take the divider out. The male and female should chase each other for a bit, and then intertwine. The female will release the eggs, and the male will bring it up to his bubble nest. This will go on for anywhere from 10-60 minutes, sometimes more. After they are done, remove the female.

The male will protect the eggs and place them in the nest when they fall out. When they hatch, he will still take care of them for a few days. When the fry are free swimming, then you remove the male.

You can have the sponge filter on now. You can feed the fry baby brine shrimp, then smal frozen food, then eventually graduating to flake food.

As they mature, you will eventually have to remove all the males into individual containers. This is where you can try to sell some, and keep who you want.

Good luck!

Texasguy 04-02-2008 02:19 PM

I agree with everthing but the bubble nest. I've bred betta that the male want build a nest til he's with a female. Most bettas build a nest to show there happy and content with there surroundings. Quickly building a nest shows the female there want for them and helps the breding process go a lot faster. Most males chase the female for the frist 10hrs to show there stronger and then it's to inties the female into spawning. If your female starts showing a white peice on her under side. That looks like a white tube sticking out of her anal area. She's producing eggs and close to being ready to bred. Once the female is showing the egg tube she can be placed in with the male ( if not already there ) once the female is ready to spawn she'll start going under the bubble nest while the males close by and flip her tail at the male.
The flipping of the tail brings the male to the nest. Once she's got the male in the mood so to say. He'll start the chasing all over again and they'll end up under the nest in a (what I like to call ) a love dance. Where they chase each other in a cycle movment under the nest til they in up in a enter locking " U "shape. Depending on how many fry you want to care for is how long you let them spawn. I go by the hr. for ever hr they spawn you can count on 60 to 75 eggs. I let them spawn for 3.5 hr and end up with around 250 to 300 eggs. This gives me a hatch rate of about 90% . But I have a 65g grow out tank most people arn't set-up for a large fry so they stop the spawning after the 2nd hr. So whatch them and set a limit on the amount of eggs you let them produce so as not to over populate your growout tank and stunning they growth and slow it down to the point of producing to many what most breds call the runtting afect. ( or the dwarf ) any question just PM me.

southafrica1001 04-03-2008 07:19 AM

thanks Texasguy for clearing that up :D sorry i dont know alot about betta breeding :oops:

tanhb 04-03-2008 10:10 AM

to condition furthr to encourage the mood to mate add indian almond leaf or ketapang leaf or it's extract. this will stimulate the betta like vg. also hv to be patient.

Piranha Joe 04-12-2008 03:15 PM

Breeding and Indian Almond Leaf
I've heard about adding the Indian Almond Leaf to the betta tank... what is the benefit of putting it in a non-breeding tank? I haven't been able to find it's benefits for the fish; just that it's a good idea to put one in...

mitcore 04-14-2008 02:26 AM

i agree with texas guy
my male betta builds his nest when he is at his happiest, and my female stays away from him LOL they arent to good a friends, even though i have said that my female has displayed the vertical stripes, he isnt interested when she is LOL

Texasguy 04-22-2008 06:16 AM

There's a couple of advantances to adding the almond leafs.
1. For spawning/It helps them get in the mood faster to some point.
2. If you have a male with findamage it'll help the regrowth of the fins. Now if left in to long it can harden the fins to and not allow any regrowth.

I leave my males in for a week at a time. You can also use almond tea bags and get the same as a leaf. Plus the tea bags are a lot faster then the leaf. A tea bag is at full working levels in a few hrs a leaf a few days.

Piranha Joe 04-22-2008 09:43 AM

almond leafs
Ummm...what is fingamage? My Mickey has jagged leaves because I put a plastic plant in for him, and I think it shredded his the almond leave will help that? I saw something about the tea bags, but I had already ordered the almond leaves...

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