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studioskim3 03-30-2008 03:29 AM

sleeping/ dying betta?
How do you know a fish/ betta fish is sleeping?... my betta, I just recently transfered him from a 2 gal, to a 14 gal, HUGE transition now that he has a filter and all... these days, he tends to lie on the bottom alot or on or between the fake plants. How would I know he is sleeping/ resting/ or just chilling? He moves alot, he eats like a pig still (I only had him in his new tank for 3 days now) and he is pretty active I think.

Is his new exercise (swimming around the tank) and now that he has to work to keep still since the filter churns the water all making him more tired?

Also, he seems to be stressed these days, it could be from the current, the new tank, and also the water, which hasn't been fully cycled yet.

Here is a few info:

14 gal tank
Aqueon Filter 10
Parameters: I'm new to this so I dun have the kit yet, but I've ordered it so I'm waiting for it... but the test strip which I bought in the meantime says the ammonia level is "caution" around 0.02. I know the strips aren't accurate.... but just to make sure. I also change is water about 20% everyday so that the ammonia level doesn't spike too much... i know its supposed to go up and all... still researchin/ learnin how to take care of a tank.
Food: Hikari betta pellets, and Tetra betta flakes, and peas once a week... he doesn't like bloodwarm, tried to feed him a few times, he just chews it, spits it back out and swims away. He actually likes the flake and pellets.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks!

tenpaull 03-30-2008 04:19 AM

for the meantine, before the test kits arrive, please turn down the filter. make sure it's just enough to break the surface tension. maybe a bubble or two every second will be great.

Flashygrrl 03-30-2008 04:57 AM

In a 14 gallon there should be spots where he can get away from the current some. Your decorations in the tank should be helping to slow the water down some since I don't think an Aqueon has a flow control knob. My guess is that he may be stressed from the ammonia, and there's really not much you can do since you're still cycling, just keep up with the daily water change.

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