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fishguy 03-30-2008 12:40 AM

christmas moss,java moss.
i`m new here,so hello to everyone.i recently set up a 75 gallon freshwater tank.there are no fish in the tank at this`s been up and running for alittle over a are some specs on my tank.i am not using an ugf.the gravel is pretty small in size.i`m using a penquin 350 bio wheel heater is set to 75 degrees, and i bought two good plant loving light bulbs for my strip light.i`m using rocks for decoration mixed with some live plants.i have used plastic plants only in the past,but this time i would like to try my hand at live ones.i`ve heard of christmas moss and java moss on line.i heard they were pretty easy to maintain,and good for a beginner like me.
can anyone here tell me about these two mosses.i`ve read they can be attached to rocks and other decorations.i`ve seen pictures online of tanks with these mosses in them,and they look great.and if anyone has any suggestions for me about other beginner plants,i would appreciate it. oh long during the day should i leave the light on? thanks for any help.

kritas 03-30-2008 02:05 AM

This would be of use to you as it was to me

fish_4_all 03-30-2008 02:04 PM

I would say either one will work well. Both can be fairly easy to grow. You need to make sure with both of them that the underside doesn't start to get brown and rot. This is supposedly caysed because of a lack of light underneath. It could also be caused by lack of nutrients or lack of water flow directly to the moss.

Tying it down is easy, use some cotton thread and lightly tie it to driftwood until the little tendrils grab ahold of the wood and it is secure.

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