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Togiran 03-28-2008 07:56 PM

Egeria in my new 10 Gallon Tank. Help!
Hey guys. Let me explain my situation.

-One Week old 10 Gallon tank
-Single Betta
-20 Nitrates in my Tap Water
-1 Flourescent Bulb

I just bought the Egeria because it was suggested that I get some in order to control my Tap Water's Nitrate level.

I went to Petsmart as suggested, but the only Egeria that they had was home to a bunch of Golden Mystery Snails. Apparently, the woman said that the bunch she gave me had no snails on it, but I can't be too sure. Also, there is a ton of floaty things (looks like plant matter) in the bag filled with water.

Should I rinse the plant before placing it in my tank?

Also, I bought a single 10 watt flourescent bulb. I figured just one would be enough, since it says they're 40% brighter than incandescent bulbs. The bulb will give off the UV needed to support the plant, right?

Will I need another bulb?

Any suggestions you can give me would help a ton. Keep in mind that the Egeria is sitting in it's bag right now, so a quick response detailing the first steps I should take would be amazing.

If there is anything else that you need to know, please let me know.


(edited to change Elodea to Egeria)

tigger 03-28-2008 08:03 PM

Rinse your Elodea (now known as egeria - Elodea is an old name I understand) and put it in the tank. It's such an undemanding fast grower that it suceeds in most tanks and does well to suck up excess nitrates (although 20ppm is nothing to worry about imho).

10watts of light over 10US gallons means you have 1WPG, although the tank is fairly small so really you have a low light tank. If you buy plants carefully, you can manage well with that lighting (ie anubias, java fern, mosses etc). If you want to grow more demanding plants then upping your lighting may be the easiest way to do it. personally, I'd see how you go with the 10W you've got.

My only concern at this stage would be with the tank being so new. Have you fishlessly cycled it, or is the betta doing that job for you?

Togiran 03-28-2008 08:14 PM

The Betta is helping me out (hopefully).

He is so much happier than he was in his previous tank. I've learned alot thanks to this forum.

Here is a link to the thread that has helped me so much:

Would you suggest putting the plant in gravel on the side that I will put the flourescent bulb in?

I heard that Bettas like floating plants too, but I think it would be hard to work with during feeding time or water changing time.

What would you suggest?

tigger 03-28-2008 08:24 PM

You've been given some very good advice it seems and you're doing everything you can to give your betta a good home, so my hat's off to you. I can add very little to what else you've been told.

The egeria plants will certainly help - they will help to absorb not only some of the nitrates, but the more harmful ammonia/nitrite so it will help your little man in the long run.

As an extremely rough guide I would personally use in the meantime - if your ammonia/nitrite goes to 0.5ppm or over, do a 50% water change and when both are at 0ppm your tank will be cycled and you can think about what else you want to add (plantwise). Other people may use different guides though so I am not saying my suggestion is the only correct one :)

All the best!

herefishy 03-28-2008 08:46 PM

The wpg rule is not a good rule. It's all about height from the bulb to the substrate. If you could find a 13w bulb you'd be in the high mdoerate light category. Twin 10w lights will put you just a tweek higher.

Elodea is a nitrate sponge. Good stuff. 2-3 bunches will do a number on your tank. You may even have to add some nitrate to keep it going. 20ppm is not bad at all.

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