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Lupin 11-12-2006 07:42 PM

Ketapang Leaves
Hi gang.:wave:

Has anyone use Ketapang leaves?
I bought some for the first time and my discus and blue rams are more active than ever.:checkedout: It seems to release the smell of tea which makes me drool. :twisted:

On the side note, my tank water has yellowish tint but all the fish love it(Remember, most of my fish are from Amazon.).:) None of the fish I own are from hard, alkaline water so I got an advantage to use it to replicate their habitat.

Ketapang leaves also act like peat or blackwater extract but this one's cheaper than any of the two as I can get the leaves in our garden anyway.:crazy: I have used blackwater extract before and it was expensive.:blueworry:

I asked my friends locally and one of them has trees with the same leaves. I didn't know I could just get some for free considering I never knew we also have a tree which has leaves I can use for my tank.:mrgreen: Now, I can get a lot anytime without spending a cent.:checkedout:

P.S. I'm getting a CO2 tank system soon. *Gulp* :checkedout: Should be good enough to make a heavily-planted tank.:welldone:

crazie.eddie 11-13-2006 03:04 AM

WOW, going high tech planted. COOL. Make sure you upgrade the lights as well.

The benefits of the leaves look good. The only BIG problem I can see is any decaying plant would increase the amount of ammonia. Unless you have shrimps in the tank to eat the leaves, I would avoid using the actual leaves. I would just stick with the extract or use driftwood.

Lupin 11-13-2006 05:16 PM

Hi Eddie.:wave:

I do intend to upgrade the lighting.:mrgreen: Should be done this November and then I'm rescaping my tank.:crazy: I do have shrimps.:thumbsup: Will add more as soon as I'm done with the rescaping.:)

New pics should appear probably by December.:mrgreen: :checkedout:

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