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bf2king 03-26-2008 06:38 PM

5 Gallon Tank
ok it appears i cant find any dwarf puffers in my area. lfs wont order them do to bad experiences with them slipping through the slits in the sides of the tanks and them terrorizing the other fish. Petco & Petsmart dont carry them. Petsmart has stopped carrying them. Cant find them in any classifieds and the shipping is 25-40 dollars a fish from online stores.
So is there another fish for a 5 gallon tank that isnt a beta. its got snails and 2 Oto's. if not ill keep searching for a DP but its getting impossible to find them where i am atleast right now. i can get them from one LFS but they refuse to house them and they can order a minimal of 6 of them.

any and all sujestions would be nice.

tophat665 03-26-2008 06:45 PM

Sparkling gourami
Endler's guppy
Cherry Shrimp
Neons (or similar)

However, your very best bet is to persevere on the Dwarf Puffers. Put some ghost shrimp in the tank and if it takes a year to get your puffers, well, the tank will be stable then, and they'll take care of the ghost shrimp when they get around to it.

bf2king 03-26-2008 06:49 PM

i have ghost shrimp in the tank. and i could get the money in do time for the shipping i was just checking what my options were. this is a just in case i cant find them anywhere. i really wanted DP's to take to college as they are hardy personable fish that can be put in a small tank as to not take much of the dorm room up. the tank is the one in my signature live plants are combomba (forgive my spelling thats my worst subject) and java fern. also has 2 small peices of drift wood. and 3 fake plants. i used black sand for the substrate now i just await the fish to keep as the center peice.

also a pair would overstock my tank right? best to do it singaly cause their is a guy i could get feeder snails a pair and then some java moss from but he only sells them by the pairs and i would still need to save for shipping but that would be nice. i relize a pair would push a 5 gallon to its absolute limit if not already past it. thanks for any coments.

tophat665 03-26-2008 07:03 PM

Well, like I said, there are a bunch of options there. I just wanted to get the idea in front of you that puffers more than most fish need a really clean, stable, cycled aquarium, so waiting on them might be the way to go.

bf2king 03-26-2008 07:19 PM

i relized that tophat and i thank you for really pushing that. ive herd them compared to discus in their sensitivity to water conditions. i used a layer of seed gravel, old water, squeezed some filter media in the tank to jump start the cycleing then added plant/oto's/ghost shrimp and that was about a month ago. i do not have a test kit for nitrite/nitrate (i know bad fish guy u dont have one) i am getting one soon as mine has given me false readings recently (it was old and got it with my first tank).
Forgot to add that i took sample water to multiple lfs and they gave me readings of nitrate at 0 and nitrate at 10ppm.

FlamingCod 04-01-2008 10:30 PM

No chance of getting a larger more manly tank?

Cody 04-01-2008 11:06 PM


Originally Posted by FlamingCod
No chance of getting a larger more manly tank? you see what he has in his 55G? :tongue:

Everything is looking good, king. I plan on doing something similar for my 5g corner. Good luck.

bf2king 04-04-2008 01:06 AM

i have 2 10 gallon tanks, a 29 gallon tank, 5 gallon tank, 55 gallon tank, and a 2 gallon beta tank.

My stocking may seem overstocked and outrageous, but my fish are still young and small (some of the feeder guppies i get are 2 big for them) i currently have the normal amount of filtration from Regent 30-60 gallon tank. i will be adding another 40 gallon tank worth of filtration. everyone seems very at peace and happy about their accomedations. The tank actually looks understocked right now. Key word is LOOKS. now 1 10 gallon tank has actually been not stocked for about a month. 1 10 gallon has 2 very small flounders a female beta and 3 mollies. the 29 gallon tank currently hold way to much fish and i have to do almost daily water changes (mom stocked the tank and wouldnt listen and just now finaly got her to stop "saving" the feeder guppies that get put in with the ghost shrimp i get for my tank). If i had room i would get a much igger tank i might even be able to get one through reorganizing. i got a 5 gallon because thats all i can fit as my house right now (3 dogs 3 cats 9 rabbits 7 guinea pigs 1 degu 1 ball python 2 chinchilla [1 is most likely pregnent and might give birth soon if she is] )

So a more "manly" tank is out of the question as of right now.

also if my fathers buisness comes through soon i might be stocking and careing for a 1000 gallon + tank.

Fishfreak55 04-04-2008 06:43 AM

wow i would say you got plenty of stuff. lol all i got set up is a like 2.5 gallon hexagon.

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