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Togiran 03-26-2008 02:55 PM

Nitrates in my Tap Water
Hey guys. I have a Nitrate reading of 20 in my tap water.
I use a liquid test kit.

What can I do besides buying expensive bottled water?

crazy4fish 03-26-2008 03:06 PM

i have the same problem. the advice that i have gotten is this: get either watersprites or water wisteria. they for some reason bring your nitrates to 0 very quickly. i havent tried this yet but i will in the near future. there are also medicines that will lower nitrates but they can be costly. hope this helped!

herefishy 03-26-2008 04:58 PM

Elodea is another big nitrate hog. You can also use water hyacinth, Indian fern, duckweed, giant duckweed, as well.

Togiran 03-26-2008 08:54 PM

Can anyone link me to a post that's great for beginner tank planters?

Keep in mind that it's only a 10 gallon tank. Would that effect much? I'm very new to all this, so if you could help me in any way, then I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for the tips.

Flashygrrl 03-26-2008 08:59 PM

There's a couple, look for stickies. Elodea and water sprite are seriously the easiest things to care for, you don't even have to put them in the gravel if you don't want (but most people do with water sprite anyways) and if you naturally have nitrates in your water then you probably will have NO problem with them growing.

Togiran 03-27-2008 04:32 AM

Can you buy Elodea and/or Water Sprite from a Petco/Petsmart?

jeaninel 03-27-2008 02:13 PM

I think Elodea is also known as Anacharis. They carry it at my local Petsmart. You can either float it or plant it.

Togiran 03-27-2008 02:39 PM

Would planting it be the better option since all I have is a Betta?

Also, if I do plant it, do I need to buy that special soil and stuff? Or do I literately just stick it into the gravel (pea sized) like a regular fake plant?

jeaninel 03-27-2008 03:35 PM

You could just stick it into the gravel.

Flashygrrl 03-27-2008 04:13 PM

I got my water sprite at Petsmart, decided to get it after veeeery carefully checking their tank for snails. Ours doesn't house any fish anywhere near the plant tanks so fishie diseases weren't so much of a worry which is something that keeps me from buying anything live from Petco.

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