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MollyB 03-16-2013 02:23 PM

Black Water Tank for Chocolate Gourami
I just turned my chocolate Gourami tank into a black water tank and they are doing great, I was just wondering if there is such a thing as too black of water... All of my levels are stable and in the correct range for my chocolate's they are thriving but it is starting to look really dark in there. Also what other fish are suitable for black water? I have a fish in there that the LFS told me to get as a distraction fish but I have no idea what they are; they grow no bigger than a few centimeters, silver with a dark horizontal stripe down the middle and a few vertical stripes on the tail, they are livebearers and sort of look like a tetra and are very docile fish. I have one otto cat, a dwarf bristlenose pleco, an apple snail and some shrimp. If any of these fish are unsuitable I can swich them to my other planted freshwater tank with similar fish.... any suggestions or information would be appreciated! thank you!

Byron 03-20-2013 08:03 PM

Some general suggestions for compatible fish are given in our profile of the Chocolate Gourami [click the shaded name]. Gentle, quiet fish are essential. And obviously they must be OK with very soft water--which livebearers would not. Can you find a photo of your fish on the internet...we should try to ID it. Anything boistrous is not suitable.

The "darkness" will not bother the gourami, but plants if there are any may have difficulty, and thick plant growth is good for this species. But a good carpet of floating plants can provide this, Ceratopteris cornuta is ideal. Lots of wood and branches rather than plants below.


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