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TitanTDH 03-15-2013 07:57 PM

Little Girl wants a tank
Hey all,
Just after some stock advice for a little girl and her birthday present.
A short back story.
Got my original tank allset up and family friends came around for lunch.The little girl fell in love with my fish tank and has been harrasing her parents ever since for a fish tank.
I happen to be throwing out the rubbish the other day and there looking at me was an aqua start 320. almost in mint condition with the previous owner breaking a pipe fitting for the pump and lazy enough not to replace it. So now it is currently under leak test on my balcony.

her birthday is in 8 weeks so it gives me plenty of time to coduct a fishlss cycle. and stock it.

The tank is 25 Litres (6 US gallon)

Looking for a small shoal of fish to accmodate a cleaning crew of Cherry shrimp. I intend to use live plants (Low Light) as well. Mum and dad havnt kept fish either so i want to make it a user friendly and low maintenance as well. Will be providing liquid test kits and food for the fish and shrimp.

Basically a small schoal of fish that wont decimate the shrimp crew and be comfortale inthe tank.

Your thoughts an comments are always appreciated


ladayen 03-16-2013 01:55 AM

What you're proposing is.. well impossible I think.

A shoal of fish in a 6g would be difficult to maintain in a healthy manner. Throw in shrimp that you want to keep alive and it's a narrow margin of error.

I would stick with a betta. They are generally pretty tolerate of wide range of parameters and will allow them to learn about proper care.

rexpepper651 03-16-2013 03:45 AM

yeah a betta and some shrimp maybe a couple snails. you wont be able to fit a shoal of fish in that small of a tank. 10 gallons you could kjeep a small shoal of neons some shrimp and have live plants if you wish

Tikibirds 03-16-2013 04:08 AM

A betta would be an excellent fish to put in a 6 gallon but the shrimp might become a meal. I would go with 1 snail - either an apple or nerite snail instead. Bettas are pretty low matience provided their basic needs are being met (about a 3 gallon or larger tank, heater and water changes). Snails are pretty simple but they do poop alot and may have issues with their shells if the water is too soft.

Is the tank the normal rectangle shape? If so, you can make a divider and have 2 bettas. My 10G's are divided and house either 2 or 3 males each.

I think an oto may be able to go into a 6G?

Chesh 03-16-2013 01:22 PM

I agree with the others on the shoal vs tank size of 6 gallons. But. . . how old is she? I gave my daughter a little Betta tank for her 5th birthday. Betta are so pretty and girly, I'm sure she'd love one. You can see pictures of the initial setup in the 'aquarium' tab under my name. . . she named it "Mermaid's Cove" Shrimp might not work, but snails are always an option! African Dwarf Frogs *can* co-exist with some Betta fish with calmer personalities, but will require special care, and a close eye on feeding.

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